The Blues-Man

When the lights hit the stage I peered out into the crowd, the people cheered as they looked up at me adoringly. Then as I had many times before I introduced myself as if I was meeting strangers for the first time. The guitar in my hands, the slide on my finger, the microphone in front of my mouth, the sweat beads on my brow, I still felt as nervous as if it was my first time playing in front of an audience. As I began playing my first song I felt a strange feeling as if someone was watching me, I knew that in fact everyone was watching me, but I felt as if I was completely alone and someone was following me from afar. The hair stood up on the back of my neck and I began to shift my eyes nervously around the auditorium. I could see nothing but my fans dancing, bobbing their heads as if agreeing with every note I played and every word I sang. But still I felt as if something was very wrong, there was a cold chill running down my spine, and throughout my entire body. Tiny goosebumps arose on my arms, and then I saw him, standing almost in the center of the crowd was a tall man, from what I could see he was most definitely the tallest person in the room. He was dressed in a very eloquent, very southern-like white suit with a white fedora. He carried a black cane with what looked like a silver dragons head atop it, but he was a little too far away to make it out clearly. He stood completely rigid, he stared directly into my eyes, directly into my soul, I could feel a slight burning sensation in my eyes when I looked into his, as if I was staring into a bright light. When he noticed that I recognized who he was, a large terrifying smile came across his face, his teeth pointed at the ends almost like a shark or some other carnivorous beast. I knew what he was here for, I knew it was my time, I had been dreading this moment for fifteen years, and it had finally come. I knew now that he was here to collect what was rightfully his per our agreement. He was here to take my soul.

As I stared at him, I started to notice that the crowd around him had stopped dancing, they where all standing completely still staring up at me. I had stopped playing; I was just standing there motionless. I shut my eyes and put my hand to my forehead to wake myself from the stupor I was in. When I reopened my eyes the floor of the auditorium was covered in the unconscious bodies of the people in the crowd as if in that very second a life ending illness struck them all. The only person still standing was the man in the white suit, still smiling that eerie smile, still staring directly into my eyes, still holding that cane in the same spot, still standing just as rigidly as before. "Surprised to see me blues-man?" he said in a deep booming voice. "I knew this day would come sooner or later, but I figured you'd be kind enough to let me finish my show before you came for me, and there was no reason to end these peoples' lives they did nothing to deserve this." "You know I always enjoy making a grand entrance, and I have no time for subtlety or kindness, especially for you. You wasted the talent I gave you and your time with it. You spent it on booze, drugs, and cheap women just like I knew a man like you would." With a last attempt at forgiveness I looked to the ceiling and said aloud, "Please god allow me to repeā€¦" my voice was stolen from my throat before I could speak the last words. "There is no god here blues-man, not for you at least. His grace left you as soon as you signed that document. But lucky for you I am just as forgiving as the man upstairs. I will give you a choice, you can either come with me to the underworld where you belong, or you can continue life on earth without the ability to ever see, hear, sing or play your music ever again, or anything for that matter. The choice is yours blues-man, either way you will pay for your misdeeds."