The engine roared outside the thick dirt speckled glass of the single-engine Cessna. I had purchased the aircraft a number of years ago from a friend of mine who decided to upgrade to something a little more stylish. It was perfect for my wife and I since we very seldom traveled outside of the United States. But today was our anniversary and I decided I'd fly us to Isla Maria in the Falkland Islands off the coast of Argentina. She had always told me how much she wanted to see the penguins there, so I decided it would be a nice surprise for her.

She looked like an angel as the sun shone through the passenger window, her hair was a radiant dark red, her face was like that of a goddess, her eyes sparkled like the clearest blue sea. There was nothing that I loved more on this earth then waking up next to her every morning. I loved her just as much as I did the day we were married. I could see the excitement on her face as we soared through the almost never-ending sea of clouds.

"We only have about an hour to go sweetheart" I said to her lovingly.

"Ugh.. I wish we could just be there now, I've been wanting to see the penguins for so long."

I was hoping to arrive as soon as possible also, I mistakenly had decided that I didn't need to pee before we left Brazil, but unfortunately I now realize that I was sadly mistaken. Only if I had won the lottery like I had always wanted, I might have a plane that I didn't have to fly, and that I could also go to the bathroom in.

"Are you ok?" she said to me with a concerned look on her face.

"Yeah I think I'll be alright, I may have to borrow your water bottle though"

"How about you just hold it in, I don't really want to have to watch you pee"

As we both chuckled, I noticed a strange odor throughout the cabin. It smelled like burning rubber and oil. I had just checked the engine before we left, what could possibly be burning. I prayed that it wasn't anything serious, it couldn't be, I checked everything thoroughly before we left, I always did.

"What's that smell? Is everything ok?"

She could see the worry on my face, but still I assured her that everything would be fine, and that it was probably nothing. As soon as I uttered those foolish words, the engine began to leak a thick black smoke. My heart sank into my stomach, I felt as if someone had a gun shoved down my throat and was about to pull the trigger.

"What's going on? What's happening?" She yelled panic stricken.

As the smoke continued to billow out, the engine suddenly cut out. We began descending towards the freezing ocean beneath us. I looked into her eyes as she looked into mine, without uttering a word we both knew what was to come. I reminisced to a few days earlier when she insisted that we purchase parachutes in case something happened, I had only had enough money for our trip at the time. Everything seemed to almost lead up to this moment, my lack of money because of my bonus getting cut at work, the used plane that I bought because we couldn't afford anything better, and even the fact that my wife loved penguins and wanted to go to Isla Maria. It was as if everything was predestined.

"This is it for us, isn't it?" She said in a surprisingly calm tone.

"It seems to be"

I leaned over and held her tight, tighter than I had ever held her before. As if some unseen force was attempting to take her away from me. The cold ocean below began to draw closer and closer, we both closed our eyes and braced for impact. Seconds before impact I opened my eyes and looked at her as the tears streamed down her cheeks, I wanted my final vision to be her beautiful face.

The plane hit the water like a car smacking a brick wall. We were both jettisoned out the windshield of the aircraft into the freezing blue water. Darkness overtook me for what seemed like hours upon hours, my entire life ran through my head like a movie. I opened my eyes and watched as what was left of the plane sunk down into the darkness. I looked around to find my love, to see if she was still alive. Then out of the corner of my eye, I saw her motionless body sinking into the depths, I knew then that my fate would be the same. I could not live without her by my side. So I emptied my lungs of air, the bubbles rose to the surface to be saved from the unforgiving ocean, as I sank deeper into the abyss. I will see you soon my love, and we will fly together again in the heavens above.