~*~Discovering Charlotte~*~
by MadAsAHatterx

July 21, 1995

Dear Friend,

I will start with an introduction of sorts. I am your new best friend, a college student majoring in psychology. I can guarantee that this experiment is going to be a little bizarre. Last year, my psychology teacher informed us that this coming year in her class, we were going to do a year-long project, for which we have both semesters to complete. It could be anything, so long as it was related to psychology, and she's giving points for creativity.

My idea is sure to get me points for that. The idea is that I will send out twenty of these journals to teenagers across California: Ten boys, ten girls. If you've received this package, then you're one of the twenty kids partaking in this experiment. The task is for you to record your lives in these journals for however long it takes for the journal to be full, then send this back to me.

This may be a difficult experiment, but I can assure you, when this project is finished, the results—I hope—will show the complexities of the human mind and will reveal psychological truths about humans as well. And this may benefit you as well, too. You might just discover something about yourself that you never knew before. We're all put on Earth for a reason. What was the reason that you were put here? Maybe you'll find out in this assignment.

Your new guardian angel