A dark figure sat on the porch swing. The rusty chains creaked back and forth in a slow, easy rhythm that Ashley knew by heart. Other than her parents, that dark figure was the only one she'd known her whole life. She purely loved her. She stood for a moment and watched the figure, before realizing something. I might never see her again. She's my best friend, no, scratch that. She's my twin sister, she thought.

The dark figure turned around and smiled. She opened her arms out wide. "Come here, Ashley. Let your older sister hold you."

"Maya, it was only minutes." Ashley ran into Maya's arms and hugged her tightly. "Don't worry. Everything is fine."

"If everything is fine, then why did mom and dad die? Why?" Ashley sobbed.

"Shh, Ashley. It's alright. It's alright."

"Maya," Ashley got up from her position to look at Maya's face. "how could you say that with a straight face? Just how?"

"Ashley," Maya's voice was stern. "calm down. Listen. Even if that slim chance we aren't together, you'll do fine. You have talent and spunk." Maya hugged the unsure girl. "You'll do better than me anyway."

Ashley gave a toothy smile. "Maya. Just remember. I love you."

Maya gave a hearty laugh. "Ashley, how can I forget?" Ashley laughed along with her. "Well, lil' sis, it's time to get back inside." Maya smiled as the stars gleamed brightly above the both of them.

They both got inside into their separate rooms and slept. Maya slept easily. Ashley, I can't say the same for. She tossed and turned as she tried to sleep. But, she woke up so early that the birds were still asleep. She pushed back her blanket, and a wave of sadness envelops her. This is the last time I'll see this bedroom, she thought. And this is where I grew up. She clenched her chest. Don't cry. Don't cry. Tears pooled in her eyes. You idiot, you're not supposed to cry!

She walked over to the window. Oh, the memories. She then walked away from the window, collapsed on the bed, and decided to take several slow, deep breaths. A rush of blood thundered her ears and a strange heat snaked through my veins until she got so hot and sweaty she nearly threw up. She dashed to the restroom but suddenly, as if it wasn't there, the heat disappeared.

"Ashley? Are you okay?" Maya heard Ashley rush for the restroom.

"Huh? Oh, yeah, Maya. I'm fine. Just deep in thought."

Maya shook her head. "Whatever you say, Ash." She then went back to bed.

Ashley went downstairs to the kitchen and ate breakfast. Not only had I lost my parents, but God would take Maya away from me too. That's the way it is. All the time when people leave us. One minute they're here, and they're not the next.

Ashley opened the front door quietly and sat down on the porch, hugging her knees. A strong breeze blew, and something her mom always said popped up in her mind. "A strong breeze is nature's way of blowing away our sorrows."

She sobbed. "I'm sorry mom. No breeze can blow away the sorrow you left us." Tears fell from her eyes and was endless. Life is so cruel.