"I love it!" Ashley screeched. She strummed the strings with a pick.

Maya got to the door, upon hearing Ashley's screech, thinking Sammy did something to her. "I swear, Sammy, if you touch my sister, I will kill you!"

Ashley showed Maya her new guitar. "Daddy and mommy ordered it before they died." Ashley borrowed a guitar before, and practiced on it, without anyone hearing. Today, she played with slight happiness. She played Bruno Mars Count on Me. Nathan came up, hearing something nice. This time, Ashley sang. Nathan threw his arm around Maya's shoulder. Maya leaned her head against Nathan as Ashley finished count on me and started a nice, romantic piece.

Nathan and Maya looked into each other's eyes. Then their lips were a centimeter over each other and they..."Hiya!" Sammy came up and interrupted the two. Ashley choked a laugh and Sammy was on the floor, holding his stomach.

Maya rolled her eyes. "Nate, honey. Let's go to a different room."


Maya and Nathan left the two laughing friends and entered another.

Sammy sat on the bed next to Ashley, both grinning. And then there was an awkward silence. "Sammy...?" Ashley broke the silence.

"Yes?" Sammy asked, a little too hopeful.

"Wanna hear another song?"

Sammy's shoulders drooped down, disappointed. "Yeah, sure."

Ashley's eyes twinkled, and she started off with some chords on the guitar.

You light the fire in my heart,

You give me meaning to my life, tell me, tell me, tell me that you love me,

'Cause it would break my heart if you say no, after I ask, tell me, tell me, tell me that you love me,

You give me so many reasons to say yes in life, please, please, please,

Don't give me a reason to say no.

Ashley's eyes questioned, as if begging the words, is it good?

Sammy grinned and hugged Ashley. "It is great. Who wrote it and for whom?" Sammy said, hoping Ashley made the song for him.

Ashley grinned. "My dad made it when he fell for my mom. He used to sing it so much, Maya and I know it by heart~3 " Ashley looked down after remembering her dead parents. Sammy had struck a weak spot in her. She set the guitar aside and took a couple of breaths before collapsing on top of Sammy and crying. Sammy pulled her up to hug her and calmed her down. "Shh, let it all out, come on Ashley. It's okay. You'll be fine. Everything is alright." Ashley shook from the tears, the painful memories. They were happy, but hard-hitting to the poor girl. "If your blood could give me happiness, I'd only ask for a drop. If your breath could fill my soul, I'd ask for just a whisper. If your tears could save my life, I'd say not a word, for I would rather die than see you cry...please don't cry any longer..." Sammy whispered.

Ashley sniffed, upon hearing the words, and smiled. "Thanks, Sammy. You're a good friend. She then sat up.

Sammy stiffened. The word stung him like a hundred daggers through his heart. He wanted to be more than friends, he wanted to be the keeper of her heart.

"I didn't think i was ready for befriending anybody, until I met you, Sammy. I'm glad I met you."

Sammy's throat tightened and he choked his words out. "I'm glad I met you, too." He had to do something. "You're the best thing that ever happened to me."

Ashley's eyes widened in shock. "I wouldn't say best, because I'll lose you. God takes everyone away from me...life is so cruel."

Ashley's eyes threatened to cry again, and Sammy knew this wasn't the time to steal her heart. He hugged her. "It hurts me when you cry, but let it all out. Ashley, let it all out."

Ashley listened and cried until she fell asleep. Sammy noticed she was asleep and tucked her in. He kissed her cheek and whispered to the tired girl. "I love you, Ashley Honeycutt. You have stolen my heart."