Hi. You know me. I'm that weird girl who's always in the back. I'm that strange guy always wearing long sleeves. I'm the fat kid who never eats lunch. I'm the teacher's pet. I'm the one always wearing baggy clothes. I'm the one always sitting alone. You see me and you laugh.

Yeah, I get it, it's funny. It's just hilarious how much pain I'm in. I'm terrified every day that I'm annoying people, so I avoid everyone. So let's laugh about it. I'm taken over by guilt every time I eat, so I make myself throw it all up. So let's laugh about it. I can't stand the person staring back at me in the mirror, so I cover myself up as much as possible. So let's laugh about it. I hate going home to all the abuse and yelling and pain, so I love escaping to school. So let's laugh about it.

Yeah let's laugh. As I pull out a razor blade. Let's laugh. As I grab a handful of pills. Let's laugh. As I fit a belt around my neck. Let's laugh.

Get to know someone before you make them a joke because your words are what's flashing through their minds as they take their lives.