Please Hear What I'm Not Saying

Enough with all the games.

Enough with all the charades

we put in front of ourselves.

Life is worth more than all those lies,

lies that run amuck in the minds of men and women.

Do you taste it in your mouth?

That strange, peculiar taste of life?

Of course you do, and you take it in everyday,

that cake of life, frosted with the most delicious icings,

only to hide the dirt inside of it.


This is life,

concealed with the pastries we fatten and blind ourselves with.

Look around you,

does everybody rejoice on your moments of happiness,

or become mournful in your sadness?


Because no matter how much pain and suffering you are in,

no matter how hard life takes you on,

you aren't the only one,

and the world doesn't revolve around you,

for, this is not just reality,

it is life itself.

I do not fret when death knocks on my door,

for it is such an inevitable fate.

I do not live to please others as a slave,

but to merely protect them as a friend.

I see it in your eyes.

In all eyes.

The wear and tear of life slowly biting into you.

I tell myself that I should not care,

that my life and yours are two different worlds.

But I cannot leave someone who is feeling that feeling,

that feeling as bad as hell itself,

that feeling of emptiness, loneliness,

that would drive any sane person off the cliff of sanity.

I am willing to turn around and pick you up,

along with the weight life had already put on my shoulders.

But you have to trust me on these things.

You have to tell me if you are ready to escape the darkness that consumes you.

For, I am always here, and nowhere else,

waiting for your call.

Because I have seen and heard life in many angles,

in both loud whispers and silent screams.

So I have learned so much about the pits we dwell in,

about the manifestation of greed in the cleanest of hearts,

about the people we live with,

most running away from fear,

leaving behind others crying for help,

like scattered cockroaches in a dark and dirty room.

So now I know that if and only if,

I can separate myself from my needs,

and aid those who ask for another try,

if and only if I put myself,

under the shoes of each and every person I meet, love, cherish, and see,

that I can become a true man.

You may say what do I know,

that I'm just like the others with their lies,

but let me tell you that you are right about one thing.

I do not know anything,

but I am not like them.

I am, still, a child,

merely walking and seeing with blind eyes,

yet I have found life, real life,

and tasted, grasped, even heard it!

The birds, trees, and the warm, inviting sun,

these are the things that make life,

that are life!

These are not lies by men,

they are gifts from God Himself!

So, you can say what you want about me,

that I am no man and never will be,

but when you see that light,

that light of truth and understanding,

only then, can you hear what I am not saying.