A Future in the Heavens

In a lone room, mute.

Two soul mates eyeing each other face to face

Both hands full with another,

One saying with a concerning tone-

"Let it be a princesses's fantasy...not Juliet's tragedy..."

Pulling out a ring, shining like stars in the night sky,

The other frozen like a statue, red-eyed with water, uttering 3 words from his dried lips,

"With you forever." Gripping her hand tightly, both holding the rings

Made contact with the intensity of a life or death battle The fireflies flew by,

the trees' leaves bristled

The crickets made their cricket sound...

Footsteps crept...a cry echoed...white floors stained red.

"Together forever," a straight fact, now with each other eternally,

But not knowing what the future awaited.