I jumped to the side, barely avoiding fangs that snapped in the place where my head had been just seconds before. Oh shit oh shit oh shit, I thought as I took off once again, running as fast as my feet would take me into the forest, hopefully towards the road. The wolf was gaining on me, and fast. Dang it, why didn't I go into running club when I had the chance? Not that it would have made too much of a difference, the beast would still be faster than me anyways.

Sweat was pouring off of me in bucket loads and my clothes were covered in filth and grime. However, that was the least of my worries now as I turned quickly to the left to avoid yet another close call with the wolf's paws. I wasn't usually one to follow instinct, heck I never followed my instincts; but right now I was letting them guide me as I ran through the woods faster than I ever thought I could run before.

Please, I pleaded to whatever deity that might be out there, please get me out of this alive. However, just as the prayer left my mind, the wolf caught up to me and launched itself at me. It landed on the backs of my legs with a thud and sent me crashing to the ground. Its claws tore through my jeans and sliced into my legs. I was too scared to or care about the pain from the wounds on my legs or any of the other wounds on body for that matter. Survival was the only thing I cared about at that moment. My hands flew out, trying to grab anything to slow my fall. I ended up clawing at the dirt below me as I crashed to the ground.

I turned, so that I faced the creature that was now looking at me. Thoughts of the end filled my mind as I gazed up at its eyes that were filled with excitement from the hunt. How the heck did I get into this situation again? Oh yes, I remember now…