Gregory Breelow's eyes snapped open and he was immediately aware that he wasn't in his room. The glow stars and planets stuck to the ceiling were his first clue. He sat up, his heart thumping in his chest and a throbbing pain in his lower back as he glanced around.

The room was messy; the top of the dresser was covered with books, papers, boxes and other miscellaneous objects. The closet was open displaying a pile of shoes, jackets and coats. Right next to the closet sat an easel with a half finished sketch of a girl. Behind the door were three stacks of crates that held clothes, binders, DVDs and...bags? Gregory let out a slow breath and glanced out of the window. He saw nothing but apartments, which did nothing to tell his where he was.

Gregory squeezed his eyes shut and placed a sweaty hand on his forehead. He was worried; he had been out somewhere last night and didn't go home. He didn't even know if he had called Johnathan to let him know where he was.

There was a shift on the bed from his left and Gregory almost yelped. Thankfully he was able keep his mouth shut and just turned his head. Lying next to him on her stomach was some girl; he couldn't see her face because there was a pillow resting on her head. She was naked except for a pair of white boy shorts and Gregory felt his throat dry.

'What the heck did I do last night?'

Gregory swallowed and tried to stay as quiet as he possibly could. If this girl's memory was anything like his then he didn't want to freak her out. So he stayed quiet and watched as she shifted again. She slid the pillow off of her head and let it fall to the floor and sat up. Gregory watched as she slowly stretched and flexed toned muscles under copper color skin. She wasn't facing him so he wasn't aware if she knew that he was in what he assumed to be her bed. Without looking around she walks out of the room; just like that.

Gregory waited for a bit before he started getting out of the bed. He needed to find his clothes, he needed to find his phone, he needed—

"Hey," Gregory tensed as a head popped in the doorway. The situation was made more awkward by the fact that he knew who that face belonged to; Damien Smith.

Gregory didn't know much about Damien; they had one class together and they've never spoken to each other outside of a simple 'hello'. So Gregory couldn't imagine why Damien was here, wherever 'here' was.
Although, in the very back of his mind, he had a feeling that it had something to do with the pain in his lower back.

Damien was now standing in the doorway, leaning on the frame. He had his hands stuffed in the pockets of his black jeans and he was wearing Gregory's shirt; Gregory frowned and swallowed.

"I see you're up," Damien said with a slight shrug. "You want anything specific for breakfast? Right now
I'm making pancakes."

"That's my shirt." Gregory said.

Damien looked down at the shirt and hummed. "Ah...really?" he looked back up at Gregory, a shy smile on his face. "You want it back?"

"Uh," Gregory pressed his lips together and felt his stomach roll. "Yeah..."

Damien nodded and pulled the shirt over his head, revealing a few scratches on his chest and a hickey on his collar bone. Gregory swallowed again.

'Why can't I remember anything?'

Damien tossed the shirt and Gregory caught it with his right hand. Damien placed his hands back in his pockets, "So...breakfast?"

"Oh. Um, right." Gregory pulled his shirt on and stood up. "Well I think—uh, I should—Have...have you seen my pants."

"Um..." Damien blinked, ice blue eyes were full of two parts annoyance and one part confusion; he still hadn't gotten an answer to his very simple question.

"They're right here." a female voice said. From the sound of that voice Gregory knew two things; one, he knew that the voice belonged to the girl that had woken up next to him, and two, he knew that was the voice of the Lexus Jefferson. She walked past Damien, in nothing but a towel, and dropped the pants on the bed. "Ya left 'em in the hallway."

Everything Gregory knew about Lexus he learned from hearing the other students talk about her. She was the nicest person in the world. She was a mean and overbearing bitch. She was cute, a slut, funny, crazy, quirky, snarker, a ghetto hood-rat, a genius, an Oreo, a slacker and a freeloader. She was a defender of the weak and a conniving manipulator. Everybody had an opinion on Lexus. Gregory-never having a class with her himself—didn't know what to make of her, so he assumed that she was a little bit of everything. She had to be, right; for everyone to have a wide variety of opinion on this one person she had to a little bit of everything. It was the only thing that made any sense in his opinion.

Lexus walked over to her dresser and pulled open one of the drawers, looking for something to wear. This must be her house. "M' shower didn't wake ya up did it?"

", no." Gregory shook his head and struggled to get his pants on. This was weird; he needed to get out of here. "I was up when you first went to take a shower. I just didn't say anything."

"Am I not going to get an answer to my question?" Damien asked, impatient.

"What question?" Lexus asked, pulling out a matching bra and panties. By now she dropped her towel and
Gregory trained his eyes to the floor.

"I'm trying to figure out what Gavin wants for breakfast before I really start making anything." Damien said.

"Oh! Right, sorry. Well I don't—" Gregory stopped and looked up at Damien, "Gavin?"

"Who that?" Lexus asked.

"Him," Damien motion to Gregory. "That's his name, right? That is what you said right?"

"No," Gregory said. He couldn't imagine how Damien had gotten 'Gavin' from 'Gregory', but he doesn't really remember anything so maybe he did tell him the wrong name.

"Yeah," Lexus scoffed. She was now wearing a simple pair of shorts and a tank top. "It's George."

Gregory blinked again, "'s not that either."

"Ha!" Damien smirked smugly at Lexus' surprise face.

"Shaddup." Lexus turned to Gregory and tucked one of her many braids behind her ear. "Well then, what is it?"

"Gregory Breelow..."

Damien snorted, "What kind of name is 'Breelow'?"

Gregory pressed his lips together again and gently tugged on his right earlobe. He took a small breath, "It's just my last name..."

"It's strange."

"Who cares?" Lexus shrugged and headed out the room. "What's fo' breakfast anyways?"

"I made pancakes." Damien followed after her. He sounded proud of himself,, "But I was trying to figure out if anybody wanted eggs or something."

"I want French toast, eggs an' bacon."

"Hey, I'm not a restaurant...or a housewife."

"Yeah...well this is m' house, an' after last night I think I deserve whatever I want."

"...Touché. French toast it is."

Their voices disappeared down the hall and into the kitchen and Gregory flopped back down on the bed. He took deep breaths because he needed to calm down. He needed to think. He knew that went to Sam's house after school. He knew that Sam had somehow convinced him to go to this party and it was really stressful. He knew that he had ended up at Lexus' house, and he knew that something had happened last night. But he didn't know anything else! He didn't know what he did how he got there or...wait; where was his phone?

He stood up, patting the pockets of his pants. Nope, nothing there. He searched the bed, tossing away the covers and checking under pillows; still there was nothing. Gregory huffed and started chewing on his bottom lip as he kneeled in the middle of the bed. He had to calm down.

Gregory stood up, he was just going to go into the kitchen and ask them if they had seen his phone. It would be easy. He took a breath and marched out the room.

The room led into a long hallway that went straight into the kitchen. As he walked he kept repeating his mantra; stay calm, stay calm, stay calm.

Upon entering the kitchen he noticed that Lexus and Damien were sitting at the table in the corner; Lexus was busy stuffing her face with French toast and bacon. Damien was staring at her like she had two extra heads.

"Uh," Gregory pauses for a moment their eyes fall on him. He started twisted the bottom of his shirt in his hands, "Do either of you know where my phone is?"

"Are you always like this in the morning?" Damien asked, resting his elbow on the table.

"No," Gregory stressed. He was never like this in fact; it was just that most of the time he didn't wake up in a strange place next a half naked girl with a lot of his memory fuzzy. "I...I just need—"

"Ya don't remember anything do ya?" Lexus cut in, a piece of bacon hung from her mouth.

Gregory stayed quiet for a long moment; his heart pounded in his chest so loudly that he heard it in his ears. But Gregory wouldn't describe it as an unpleasant pounding because...because he felt like she understood. He nodded.

"What?" Damien exclaimed. "How could you not remember?"

"Hush," Lexus waved Damien off; he looked slightly put off but went back to eating his food. She stood up, smoothing out her top and grinned. "Well calm down, kay?"

'That's what I'm trying to do.' Gregory nodded again and took a breath.

Gregory watched as her grin morphed into a soft smile and she placed a hand on his forearm, "Good. Now...ya ain't gotta worry about last night, it wasn't anything bad."

That single, simple sentence let loose a wave of relief that wash over Gregory. That's what he needed right now; reassurance. Of course, later he would worry about what wasn't 'bad'. But right now it was enough.

"So, ya phone's in the top drawer o' the night stand by m' bed." Lexus explained. "Are ya gonna stay fo' breakfast?"

Gregory shook his head, "No...I just really need to get home."

"A'ight, we'll see ya Monday!" she patted his arm gently and went back to her breakfast.

Gregory nodded even though neither of them were looking at him. He went back to the room and retrieved his phone; there were no missed calls. Gregory sighed with relief and left, down the stairs of the apartment and onto the street. Once outside Gregory called his house.

The phone rang three times before, "Hello?"

"Johnathan!" Gregory grinned at the sound of the man's familiar voice.

"Not so loud," Johnathan yawned into the phone. "What are doing up so early on Saturday?"

"What," Gregory checked his phone clock and noticed that it was seven in the morning. He winced slightly; Johnathan always slept in late on the weekends. They were his catch-up-on-sleep days and Gregory had just woke him up. He sighed and started walking down the street. "Oh, sorry. I didn't mean to wake you up."

"No, it's okay. Just...what are you doing up?"

"Well, I need you to pick me up." Gregory had made it to the corner and he checked the street sign. "I'm...on the corner of Summerside Street and Park Road."

"Summerside?" Johnathan sounded shocked. "I thought you stayed over Sam's house?"

"Oh, w-w-well," Gregory bit his bottom lip. How was he supposed to explain to Johnathan that he had woken up in Lexus' house with no memory. That would just make him worry and he didn't need to worry; according to Lexus anyway. Gregory decided that lying was his best option, "I was at Sam's house...but he had to do something this morning. Something important. So, so, so I had told him that he could just drop me off here and you'd pick me up. Sorry though, I-I didn't think it was this early. Should have checked the time..."

There was silence for a moment before Johnathan said, "It's alright. I'll be there in ten minutes."

Gregory smiled, thanked him and hung up the phone. He then sat down on the curb, looking up at the clear blue sky. He was thankful it was still warm out. It was usually cold by this time of year and yet here it was, October twenty-ninth and it was about seventy-eight degrees out; a beautiful day.

Johnathan soon pulled up in his black 2009 Volkswagen Jetta. Gregory smiled and hopped into the passenger seat.

"Where's your bag?" Johnathan asked after giving Gregory a once-over.

'Crap.' Gregory started playing with the bottom of his shirt again. "I must have left it with Sam...sorry I must be tired. I'll probably go back to sleep when we get home."

Johnathan only hummed in response and drove home. It was a short drive and soon they were pulling into the driveway of their small two-story house. As soon as the car came to a stop Gregory hopped out and headed inside; he didn't want Johnathan to ask him anymore questions. Questions he couldn't answer. So he headed up to his room and closed the door.

Once in his room he flopped down on his bed and buried his face in his pillow. He needed to relax and try to forget about that morning. Sure, tomorrow he would probably start freaking out all over again. He would probably call Sam and ask him what happened at the party, why he hadn't been with him and what the heck was had he been doing? But that would happen tomorrow. Right now, he just wanted to relax and forget about everything. Gregory closed his eyes and fell asleep.

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