Damien was sitting in his usual spot, a corner table by a large window, with his back against that wall; he was waiting for Lamar to return to the table. His head was still buzzing by the fact that Jordin had brought up the fact that he was with Lexus that weekend. Lamar had kept asking him about it. Damien dodged the questions like a pro; stating that they just talked at the party for a while, nothing special. Lamar seemed to buy it. Now Damien just needed to figure out why Lexus would want to know anything about him? Granted, Damien didn't know anything about how Lexus reacted to strangers after she's had sex with them; he's never heard anything about it. He needed to figure out what was going on before something happened.

"Hey yo!" Christopher clasped his hands on Damien's shoulders. Damien shook him off, "I see you're still pissy."

"I'm not pissy." Damien insisted as Christopher sat down. "I'm just…thinking."

"Oh really?" Christopher raised an eyebrow. "Whatcha thinking about?"

Damien sighed and shook his head, "It's nothing, just…"

"Does it have something to do with this thing you won't tell me about?"


"Dude look," Christopher said and grasped the back of Damien's neck. "You wanna tell me what happened? I mean, I could probably help…"

Damien hummed and ran his tongue over his teeth; if he told Christopher what had happened that night it could help him figure out what Lexus was playing at. But telling him would be like telling Lamar…

He turned and looked over at Lexus' table; she was seated with Jordin and Misery by the back of the cafeteria. Lexus and Misery were laughing about something while Jordin's face was bright red. Misery glanced over in his direction. She smirked at him and gave him a small mock wave.

Damien turned back around and shrugged Christopher off, "I need to know what's going on first."

"Then will you tell me?"

Damien paused, ran through his options before he nodded slowly, "Yeah…I'll tell you eventually. Definitely. At some point."


"Yea, now I need you to do me a favor."


"Make sure Lamar doesn't see me talking to Lexus." Without waiting for Christopher to answer he walked over to Lexus' table.

"Hi Damien," Misery noticed him first; her greeting stopped the conversation between the other two.

"What do you want?" Jordin snorted. Lexus grinned at him and waved happily.

"Nothing with you," Damien snapped back and turned toward Lexus. "I need to talk to you—"

"About what?" Misery smirked and leaned forward. She had a leering expression on her face with her hands folded in front of her.

Damien took a small step back; he never really liked Misery. She had this strange slightly threatening physicality that creeped out whenever he was around. He always felt as though she knew some kind of secret that was directly related to him. But he guessed that this time she did.

He looked at Lexus again, "Can I talk to you privately."

Misery's smirk dropped and she sat back up in her seat. Jordin held on to Lexus' arm like she was saying that she didn't want to leave alone with him. Lexus was the only one smiling at him.

"Sure we can talk," she said and tried to free her arm. She looked at Misery and Jordin, "Can y'all give us a sec?"

"Yeah, yeah," Misery nodded, her smirk still gone and pulled Jordin along with her. "Don't do anything I wouldn't!"

Lexus scrunched her nose and blew a raspberry, "We're in the lunch room!"

"That doesn't stop everybody!" Misery called over her shoulder.

"Just get going!"

When they were out of ear shot Damien sat down across from Lexus, he leaned forward slightly with his left forearm on the table. He didn't really know what kind of answers he would get out of Lexus but at least he would get something.

Christopher sat there and watched Damien walked towards Lexus' and her friends. He wondered for a short moment if he should just go over there and eaves drop on his conversation; he didn't really feel like waiting. If he just got up and walked over, like a ninja, and listen in on whatever they were saying. It would at least give him a way to confirm what Misery had told him.

He looked over his shoulder towards the swarming mob of students that were buzzing around the cafeteria cashiers. He didn't see Lamar anywhere so he assumed that he was still stuck towards the back—


Christopher jumped slightly in his seat; with his shoulders up by his ears he looked back at Lamar who had appeared out of nowhere, "Dude…where'd you come from?"

Lamar sat down across from Christopher with whatever the school was calling lunch that day and stabbed his spork into what Christopher believed to be mashed potatoes. He jabbed his thumb over his shoulder towards the cashiers, "The lines of course."

"But I didn't see you anywhere near the front." Christopher commented.

"I didn't pay."

"Pffft," Christopher rolled his eyes. "Of course."

"Where's Damien?" Lamar picked up his spork only to have the entire lump of 'mashed potatoes' lift off of the tray; he wrinkled his nose and sat his spork down again.

"Oh he's—" Christopher started to turn but stopped himself; Damien wanted him to distract Lamar from noticing him talking to Lexus. Christopher shrugged and shifted in a way that he thought blocked Lamar's potential view. "Uh, I don't know."

"Really," Lamar looked at him skeptically. "You usually know everything."

"Don't remind me," Christopher sighed and pouted. "But don't worry…I'll figure it out…soon."

Lamar snorted and resigned to eating his lunch, even if it was gross.

"Hey." Lamar and Christopher looked up; Misery waved with a grin on her face, her arm was draped over Jordin's shoulders. "Can we sit here?"

"So what can I do ya fo'?" Lexus asked.

"What are you up to?"

She shrugged, "I ain't up ta nothin' ."

"Really?" Damien folded his arms. "Because your friend said you were wondering about me. So you have to be up to something."

"I ain't up ta nothin'," Lexus repeated and folded her arms as well. "I'm jus' curious I guess. That's all."

"That's all," Damien blinked. "You had your friend harass me because you're curious?"

"I ain't the one who told her ta kick yo' chair…" Lexus stated, she had an amused grinned plastered on her face and Damien couldn't be sure if she was telling the truth or not.

"Alright then, if you're so curious then why didn't you talk to me yourself?"

"'Cause it's easier ta talk ta somebody when ya know ya got at least one thing in common." She unfolded her arms and played with her hair, running her fingers down her braids one at a time. "So I told Jordin ta watch ya fo' me. But I guess I don' need her ta watch ya now…since you're here in all."

Damien pressed his lips together; he wasn't sure how he felt about Jordin 'watching' him but it seemed that it would be over, "You were going to have her stalk me? "

She ignored his question, "So can I ask ya a question now?"

"Uh," Damien tapped his fingers against the table. "Sure, shoot."

Lexus smiled and formed her fingers into a gun— Damien let out a weak chuckle, he didn't think she'd be so literal— she pulled the trigger, "Did ya know Greg's not in school today?"

His jaw clenched; he's forgotten about that detail while trying to dodge Lamar's questioning. He eyed Lexus, her fingers were still formed in a gun, and her head was tilted very slightly with a few of her braids fell into her face. It was cute.

Damien let out a slow breath, "Yeah I know. What about it?"

She unfolded her gun fingers and shrugged, "Ya know why?"

"No, and I don't really care. I'm not his babysitter."

"Oh naw," Lexus shook her head. "I don' expect ya ta babysit 'im. Just wonderin' if ya knew why, that's all."

"Well I don't," Damien said. "Why are you so curious anyway? Going to have Jordin 'watch' him too?"

"No, Misery was gonna do it" Lexus stressed. "Jus' 'cause, y'know…I wanna know if it has anything to do with Saturday. I'd feel bad if I did somethin' to make him not come to school; don' it bother you?"

Damien tapped his fingers on the table top; yeah he would feel shitty. "Yeah, but it wouldn't my fault if—"

"I ain't sayin' it's yo' fault! I mean I was there too ya know..." she sighed. "Hey...ya wanna find out why he ain't here?"


Lexus rolled her eyes, "I said do ya—"

"When I asked 'what' it wasn't because I didn't hear you!" Damien sighed and massaged his temples. "Why do you care so much anyways?"

"Well," Lexus looked down at the table. "I don' know...jus' do I guess. 'Sides he did look really freaked out that mornin'."

Damien remembered, "Well...you shouldn't stress yourself out too much."

"Aw," she smiled. "Ya worried about me?"

"No," Damien rolled his eyes. "I just see the point in stressing yourself out over a random dude."

"See, that's the point! If I get ta be friends with him— and you— then this wouldn't be a problem."

"I don't get you, really I don't." Damien shook his head.

"Don' worry, you will."

Lamar didn't like this. He really didn't like this, it wasn't fair. Did everyone else get to know what was going on?

He was sitting at lunch with Christopher—Lamar wasn't buying this whole "I don't know anything" stuff —and now Misery and Jordin as well. The three of them were talking, vaguely, about whatever the hell was going on. Misery and Christopher were going somewhere today after school while Jordin tried to talk them out of it. He didn't say anything, just at his lunch.

He knew that it had to be about Lexus and Damien. That was the only thing that explained why everyone was acting so weird. This was pissing him off.

Lamar sighed and rubbed his forehead; he knew why they were doing this. Lexus, it was all revolving around her and the fact that he was in love with really it's nothing to worry about; he was an adult and could handle whatever everybody's keeping secret.

Besides he and Damien were best friends; he wouldn't have done anything really bad.

A/N: Blah! I really, really don't like this chapter. But it was hard to write this on and I wrote it like four times so this is what I've come up with. It's what you get and I would like some feed back on it. Thanks!