Candles lit the room softening everything that was in it's glow. Looking at her face as she was curled up in my lap, fitting perfectly against me, made me feel something words cannot explain. The shadows danced across her face highlighting her innocent beauty. Her eyes were focused on the scene that was just outside the window. The moons faint light was catching every pristine, freshly fallen snowflake making the ground glitter. As she looked up at me, the flickering candle flames playing with the dimensions in her eyes, I could see every shade of gray that was hidden in her irises. Looking into them was like looking into who she was. Each color was a different story that created her. She slowly stood up her small hands taking my hands pulling me to my feet. In tandem she put her arms around my neck while I wrapped my arms around her waist. Swaying slowly we danced to a tune that only we could hear.

She leaned into me again placing her head where my heart beat only for her while she closed her eyes. I moved my hands to her shoulder blades pulling her closer to me. After a time our candles faded out leaving only moonlight to see by. I could start to feel her body trembling ever so slightly from the cold. Stepping back I gave myself enough room to take her in my arms, lifting her off of the cold wood floor. Her small frame curled up using my embrace as if it were a nest, burying her into my chest, her willowy arms wrapping themselves around my neck.

Walking with her safely in my arms, I set her on our warm, welcoming bed. With a gentle hand I brushed a wisp of hair off of her face. I watched as thick sheets enshrouded her small frame. Backing up a few feet I closed the door and slipped under the covers to join my bride.