"Onee-chan~ Look at what we have!" Two voices chorused in delight as they scrambled into the house, hand in hand.

A white haired woman who was sitting on a chair reading a book turned around slowly when she heard their voices.

"Welcome back, children," she greeted. Her voice was beautiful and melodious, but with an undercurrent of power and pride.

Although she was in a small and meagerly furnished wooden hut, she did not seem the least uncomfortable with her surroundings.

"What are you doing, Onee-chan?" Both of them chorused curiously as they put their hands on her lap.

The woman smiled as she replied, "I was reading a book." Then, she turned to the cover page to show them.

Uninterested by it, the children pushed it away.

"Anyway, anyway! We brought back freshly baked bread! Let's eat together okay~?" Once again, both of them spoke in unison.

"Of course, and thank you," the woman answered as she bent over and took the bread from their tiny hands.

How long will this have to go on for…?

Author's note:

Japanese phrases:
Onee-chan = Big sister

Hi everyone! I'm finally back after a long hiatus! And here's the prologue to my new series! I've planned out the plot carefully this time, so hopefully I'll be able to do weekly releases and tell the story out to it's fullest.

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