Where am I?

Who am I?

These were the first thoughts she could recall having. She found herself in a small capsule, not sure how she got there or what, if anything, had happened to her earlier. She was about to ponder her existence in this space when it opened up, revealing a much larger world.

She was in a room with windows and a nearby monitor. So I know what these things are, she thought. Either I've been around longer than I thought, or this is all just implanted knowledge. But she quickly decided that wasn't important just yet.

She went to the windows, through which she was able to see an ever larger world. She looked upon a number of large structures. Buildings, she thought, that's what they are. It took only moments for her to realize she was in one of them.

She was content with looking upon her surroundings, when she noticed an odd-looking rift in the sky. It looked like a cross between a rainbow and a lightning storm. Actually, it didn't look much like a rainbow, since the only colors she could discern were red and gold. It had just barely formed when several airships surrounded it; they seemed to run on whatever that gold color represented.

She eventually lost interest in the outside, turning her attention to the monitor. Somehow, she knew how to operate the device. She went through various channels; most of it was intellectually non-challenging, even for one as memory-deprived as herself. She left it on regardless, on the small chance something good might come on.

She went back to her capsule. Looking back inside, she was already wondering how she could tolerate being in such a small space. One thing she noticed was that it was labeled "S-1". She had no idea what that could mean. It was then that she saw other capsules in the room.

Four others, to be exact. She went to the one next to her and saw an "S-2" printed on it. There was a woman just like her inside it. She dared not try activate this other one; she had no idea what might happen.

She continued looking at the capsules: S-3, S-4 and S-5. Each one was more of the same, except S-5 was empty.

She was going to put further thought into the matter when she heard something from the monitor she'd left on.

"We have breaking news," the on-screen woman announced. "It has been confirmed that the anomalies recently plaguing our world are, in fact, gateways to another dimension. So far, the rifts themselves have caused no serious harm, but it is unknown what lies on the other-"

The announcer cut herself off as she appeared to hear something from her earpiece.

"I've just heard that an airship has emerged from the rift. This may have something to do with why the military has taken such an interest." A moment passed. "What? Are you kidding me?"

She turned back to the camera.

"Ladies and gentlemen, the airship appears to have powered up its weapons and is getting ready to fire. I –"

The newsroom flashed a bright red for a moment, then the signal stopped.