Just like Faith had said, there were invading forces from the other side at their building. Two airships, in fact – one now docked and the other floating nearby.

"Maybe we should get away from here," Fred said.

"I agree," said Faith.

That plan was cut short when they noticed enemy troops closing in on them from the ground. None of them looked like people from this world.

"On second though," Fred said, "into the building!"

They all did as he said, and they were soon looking for shelter.

At least, that was their ultimate goal.

"Why did we come here?" Dayna asked.

"This is where our weapons are stored," Fred said. "I figured we should arm ourselves, in case we run into enemy forces."

"If we have to," Heather said.

Soon, they were all carrying rifles as they made their way to the shelter. Intially, they'd only had to shoot once, but as they got closer they began encountering more enemies.

"Anyone else get the feeling that they're coming after us?" said Dayna.

"I'm not sure why they would," said Faith.

"I think Dayna might be onto something," Fred replied. "I just got a report that all invading forces are attempting to move toward us."

"So?" Dayna said. "We just get out of here."

"No, Dayna. Not this place. Us. I think we've been targeted."

"But why!?" said Heather.

Fred shook his head. "I couldn't even guess, but in any case this shelter is the safest place for any of us."

They entered the room and closed the vault-like door behind them.

"So now what?" Britney said.

"I suppose we wait," said Faith.

Fred nodded. "Indeed we do," he said.

"Anyone bring any cards?" said Dayna.

"Really, Dayna?" said Britney. "Really!?"

"Actually," said Fred, "a bit of distraction might do us some good."

"That's no longer an issue," said Faith. "According to this monitor, all our internal defenses have failed and enemy troops are all headed our way."

"How long until they get here?"

"Only a few minutes." Faith read a few more reports. "Reinforcements are headed our way as well, but it's unknown when they'll arrive."

Soon enough, they heard what sounded by rifle blasts just outside the door.

"Are they trying to blast their way in?" said Britney.

"Yes," said Fred, "and if I'm not mistaken they'll take less than a minute to get through. Okay, ready your rifles, you're going to need –"

There was one final blast before the vault door fragmented and blew inward.