Life a wonderful dream,

As it may seem,

Has in it everything,

To make it more and more thrilling,

Some memories old and new,

As they come back to you,

May bring upon your face some pretty smiles,

Or may bring tears down your eyes,

Walking down the memory lane,

You find some people, who made your day,

But not anymore, as time has flown,

You're again all alone,

But everyday holds a surprise,

You never know where it lies,

It maybe in sight or out of sight,

But it's always there to make things right,

You maybe cheerful or you may be miserable,

You may be stable or you may wobble,

There may be no one to hold your hand,

And escort you to a place very grand,

Life is like a beautiful dream you have only once,

So don't miss this chance,

Put in your efforts and toil hard,

Till you accomplish the mission, the mission of your life.