Dear Sarah,

I have just had the worst day! You wouldn't believe the crap that happened to me. It all started when I first woke up this morning. My face was all swollen and I could barely see from my eyes. Turns out I am highly allergic to soy sauce, such as the one I decided to try with my Chinese food last night. When the swelling went down a bit, I got ready for school and went into the kitchen for breakfast. There my parents were sitting at the table. I ignored their stares and proceeded to make my breakfast when my dad asked me to take a seat. After I complied, they started to talk to me about being safe and not giving into peer pressure, which honestly pissed me off. Do my own parents really believe that I follow the crowd and live to please others? Once I confronted them about this, they replied that they know about Cassie and Clay. They think I'm going through some sort of phase being with two people at once before I told them that I was with Clay and Clay only. Then they gave me a lecture about how I'm letting him use me and I stormed out because they have met him. They loved him, so why the sudden change of heart?

I got to school a bit late and my face was still a little swollen, so I went to the nurse and missed first and second period. This guy came in, his name is Tyler, and he took one look at me and gave me a sneer, like I was garbage or something. You know me, Sarah. People either like me or don't care, and for some reason that look from him made me feel…I don't know, like I was nothing.

After he finally left, Clay and Cassie came to take me to my next class. I hated it. Why couldn't he come alone? Why was she there when she obviously doesn't give a crap about me? But I didn't say a word. I was ecstatic when he held my hand and led me out the door. But then he wrapped his arm around her and they proceeded to speed up. I usually love walking down the halls with him, but when Cassie's there it's different. They always walk to fast and I feel like a child being pulled by his parents. He barely looks at me, focusing all his attention on her and honestly? It feels as though I'm being left behind.

Anyway, I hope all is well by you. I know reading my letters are probably taking away from your partying, but I appreciate it anyway. Even separated physically I still feel your presence. I know, creepy, but it's true. I love you Sarah.


Dear Dylan,

Boy, you know I love you too! I'm sorry I haven't been able to respond until now, though besides your last letter it sounds as if everything is alright. But Dylan, I'm still a little concerned. I know my leaving was hard on you, are you sure this relationship is the best right now? Are you in it because you love him or for a distraction? But hey, I'm rooting for you, so don't give up trying to make him yours and only yours.

I'm having fun up here, but it's different not having you by my side. Have faith though, we'll be together soon enough. You will love it, it's a completely different life over here. When you come I'll show you around and we can be just like we used to, pulling pranks and causing mischief. However, don't tell your parents, I don't think they'll like the idea of you being here with me too much.

I'm anxiously awaiting your next letter, so keep writing! I love you!

Yours Truly,