She felt the plush of the bed meeting her back and she looked up at the man looking down at her. If you could call him that because she hadn't even seen him until she had sunken into the earth. She wound up inside this chamber and outside its walls, she knew people watched.

Their eyes felt like as if they were focused on her and the man. Rachel lay there thinking back to the stories she'd heard, the admonitions the nuns had given them about traveling alone even on campus. So much danger out there as more of Rachel's classmates fell pregnant after unexplained periods of absence.

She'd thought it just the made up stories of girls who didn't want to admit that they'd had sex with the local men including those attending the regular high school. But the population of her class had grown smaller because if a student fell pregnant, automatic expulsion. Lest it prove to be contagious, which as it turned out had been the case.

"You are a very pretty girl Rachel," he said, "I've been watching you for a while."

She believed that in his eyes.


He tilted his face as if studying her.

"Because I'm a male and new to the program," he said, "The others they are further ahead of me."

That confused her and she needed to get her mind off of the sensations stirring inside of her including in forbidden places.

"What program?"

He chuckled.

"Inquisitive aren't you," he said, "The others were like that too until their want threatened to consume them."

She blushed just at that word never mind that she lay there with her dress riding up her legs.


He descended on the big, his huge form threatening to dwarf her own, the heat of him drawing her ever closer.

"You'll find out…"

His lips brushed against hers slowly at first and she felt her breath leaving her as his mouth explored hers. She felt the weight of him on top of her and his mouth parting her lips capturing the lower one deftly sucking on it.

She balled her hands into fists and wanted to cry out but his mouth kept hers too busy. His tongue hot and sharp darted out to trace the seam of her lips and slid inside of her mouth, parting her teeth before she even realized it.

Then she felt it dart in and out of her mouth, it was a tongue right? It had a sharpness to it but didn't cut her, just enough to tantalize her, the pleasure building up. It traced the back of her mouth and pushed even further tickling her throat. She tried to use her own lips to capture it but it proved too deft, eluding her easily.

Until he pulled it out and looked at her, and she saw the amusement lining his face watching her struggling to catch her breath. Her skin felt on fire and she felt this thrilling pulse race through her, seizing her and making her want so much more. His pupils dilated and disappeared into his eyes which stared at her face so intently she felt heat. Turning away wouldn't help and she couldn't do that, not now.

He pressed her against the bed again and she felt one of his hands slide beneath her dress, brushing her thighs, separating them. She did that, parting them for him without thinking. She didn't know why and she knew she shouldn't but she couldn't stop herself. His fingers did little to soothe her serving only to get her more riled up. More restless and she splayed her thighs wider without urging as she felt his fingers stroke her skin.

"You're very lovely; your skin is so soft."

When he caressed her this time, he slid a hand inside her panties and rubbed against where she'd grown slick.

"What are you doing?"

He chuckled in response.

"You know what I'm doing…"

And just like that, he slid her panties down her legs and fiddled with his own pants. She felt the bareness of his own skin, hot and something hard against her. It felt…strange. Both long and thick and yet…alive too…and she just stared at him when she felt it move against her almost as if it were searching…

"What the…?"

He sighed.

"Different from other men you've fucked?"

She flushed not daring to respond. There had only been one other time, a furtive coupling in the front seat of the car with a local high school guy. Hot and sweaty, painful at first and then less painful…he'd spilled his seed inside the condom she made him use and then never called her again.

This was much different. Her pussy felt so wet and swollen, her clit throbbing matching her heartbeat. Why was that? But then she lost all thought when she felt something press against that wetness and then...penetrate it.

"You like that? It's just to prime you up for what's to come."

She didn't know what to say to that because she focused on how it felt when his finger invaded her like that and teased her stroking her inside where it made her feel warm all over. She arched her body and he chuckled.

"I see you do like that…you're very responsive but unlike the other, I won't tell my friends that you're a slut afterward."

She blinked her eyes, had that happened? Had that been why she'd gotten emails after she'd lost her virginity to Mitch?

He kept stroking her inside as her pussy tried to hold onto his finger as if it were hungry.

"Yes didn't you know," he said, "Too bad that a man would be just fuck a nice tight pussy that can squeeze him into climax and then walk away."

It had gone rather quickly as she remembered. She flinched as he thrust another finger to join the first one making the tightness of them stop her breath. But he continued to finger fuck her paying her no mind until her body seized. She bit her lip as waves of the most exquisite and yet dangerous sensations threatened to wash over her.


"Let go Rachel…you need to do that before I can take you…"

Her eyes flitted in search of his wondering why.

"Because it's important for what happens next," he said, "You'll see and you won't regret it."


That's when he bucked his powerful hips and thrust his cock hard inside her and she felt the difference right away.

Damn, Mitch had been endowed but something…this went beyond its thickness stretching her open but…

"I'm different than Mitch…"

She blinked her eyes, how did he know? But then somehow he seemed to know everything about her. After all, he said he'd been watching her.

He showed her how much as he thrust leisurely in and out of her, pinning her to the bedding and she found herself gripping onto him. Something inside her demanded it, her blood felt hot and her skin super sensitive. He spread her thighs wider as he sunk inside her deeper, deeper until she felt his body pressed against hers so tightly…she swallowed noisily.

But he grunted against her, she felt his mouth on her neck and then his teeth grabbing hold of a fold of skin gently.


"You're perfect," he said, "I fit you like a glove."

She murmured as he drove into her over and over until her body seized up so powerfully…something inside of her, a part of him slid over her there setting her on fire. How could he do that? She hadn't felt that with Mitch.

"They're pleasurable aren't they," he said, "You see our cocks are different than other men. They're designed for two things and one is to drive female's crazy with pleasure."

She knit her brow, trying to listen but what he did to her provided a major distraction. Suddenly she felt a blast of heat flood her, making her body tingle from it. Her pussy spasmed in ways that set her body ablaze…causing her to cry out against him.

"Oh god…oh god…oh my…"

She couldn't help herself.

"God's got nothing to do with this," he said, "but that's not why the nuns warned you about us."

She felt the liquid he shot through her when he came warm her insides and she'd never thought to have him use a condom. Did that mean…was that what had happened to her other classmates?

He still remained on top of her pinning her beneath him, his cock still twitching inside her sending more waves of intense pleasure. Robbing her of speech and all thought, her vision threatened to go black around the edges but she held on. She needed to know more about him.

What the others had forgotten in their own experiences.

"You feel so good," he said, "I almost wish I wasn't so good at this…so ready for it…so fertile."

Her eyes blinked. Oh my god, what had he just said?


He bit her shoulder almost tenderly.

"Oh yes, those nubs that gave you so much pleasure," he said, "They stimulate your ovaries to release eggs for me."

She gasped. Had the others known that this had happened? None of them had seemed to remember much or so they had said.


He stared straight into her past her face, even deeper.

"Oh yes Rachel you can and you will… now you must sleep…"

He kissed her long and deeply, and something he did or gave her…her eyes fluttered shut and the world went dark.

Outside the chamber, the woman watched alpha male 81216, the one called Dirk withdrawing himself from the slumbering woman. He stood up, naked and his muscles, they flexed as he moved. But the woman didn't feel as drawn to him as the ones he brought here.

He had been a mystery to her and the other scientists just like the rest of them. What had happened appeared as an epidemic with unknown origins. Only further testing would reveal any answers to something that threatened to rip apart the carefully woven fabric of their society.

The woman would wake up in her own bed, viewing what happened to her as if it had been a particularly lurid dream. Remembered in a pleasant way, Dirk didn't stimulate women into nightmares.

She opened the door and a still naked Dirk looked at her in amusement.

"Did what I do please you?"

She nodded slightly. Pleased wasn't the right word, but hopefully it would greatly help their research.

"It pleased her and she'll never remember otherwise."

The woman's lips quirked as she studied him because she knew that to Dirk, what had happened was like a drug. But it was up to her and others like her to figure out why.

"You can't fight this. You can't even understand it."

She remained unmoved pushing buttons on her screen.

"We will…and then we'll find a cure for it…"

He shook his head.

"I and others don't want to be cured of anything," he said, "This is the new norm and perhaps it's the old that needs curing."

She just stared at him and then she got up and walked away.

"In your dreams maybe…but not reality."

Dirk watched her leave knowing that for them, reality had already changed forever. There was no going back.