Tall and slender, she walks in with a willowy cat-like grace.
Proud and strong, she's a credit to her race.
Skin so pale and clear, eyes that appear serpentine.
Strength and beauty are present in her family line.

Hair the color of an erupting flame,
A single glance puts most to shame.
Eyes so deep a shade of grey,
Look into them and be swept away.

Heart of a warrior, power so true,
One flip of a wrist and she could kill you.
Fear has no place in her mighty heart,
In HER world, courage plays a major part.

With a temper hot as a burning brand,
On hallowed ground shall her dainty feet stand.
Skin smooth as silk, strength that of a Yeti,
You'd best beware of Fadera Dragonetti!

(c) Heart of Shadows, June 2001