He sits her down, in a café, of all places
and stretches her palms upward,
mimicking his defeat,
as his words turn to quartz
and he adorns her with jewelry -
words strung around her neck like a noose
disguised as a necklace of apologies.
He places a ring on her finger,
not to own her in particular,
but with a stone screaming goodbye -
one that drags her down -
one that will drown her, someday.

She is his princess, but she's outgrown her crowns
she watches his diamond-words falling to her ground.

At the same time, black paints her summer skies
they both knew it could never last -
how could it? A vagabond and a realist
fighting against and for the same dream
and they thought they were sewn together,
but they're falling apart at the seams.

He is her Valhalla, but she's just not ready to die.
Summer's near over, let us just rain our goodbyes.