Prologue: Incompatible

Sasha walked down the bustling hallway with her hands shoved in her pockets. People hurriedly made way for her and looked at her with awe. She grumbled in irritation at their rude gawks and stares. She hated being the center of attention, but it couldn't be helped. She was the top assassin in the organization called the Knight Industries. Of course she was amazing, but the stare were getting on her nerves.

The loudspeaker crackled until a voice was heard.

"Agent Karr, report to Clare's office. I repeat, Agent Karr, report to Clare's office," Peyton's voice commanded. She was Clare's secretary and a very brave woman to be in that position.

Sasha gave an annoyed sigh. Why did Clare have to call her now of all times? She was never going to get to the lounge at this rate. Guess the brownies will have to wait…

Lauren gave a groan as she heard Isabel's constant insults of Steve Perry. She was currently walking aimlessly through the corridors of Knight Industries for one reason or another, seemingly forgetting if she had something more important to do than listen to Isabel rambling voice.

Her face brightened at the idea of going to the lounge to get some brownies. Hopefully Sasha hasn't eaten them all… She was just thinking the inevitable. There was just no way that the delicious delicacies were still there.

Lauren suddenly bumped in to someone or something; she fell backwards onto the ground. Trying to grasp anything to break her fall, she caught Isabel's sleeve and dragged the poor girl down with her.

"Watch where you're going, idiot," a familiar voice said.

She looked up to see Sasha sneering at her. She growled and immediately stood up raising a fist at her. "You watch it!"

"Tsk, I have somewhere more important to be than talk with you."

Sasha started walking off. Lauren was seething and it took Isabel to actually tackle her, so she wouldn't make anything worse than it already was. People were starting to watch.

"Running away, are you?" she asked, struggling to get out of her companion's grip.

Sasha stopped and craned her neck over her shoulder. She gave her a dark look. "No, I'm afraid if I stay any longer I may end up killing you." And with that she continued walking.

Isabel let go when Sasha disappeared down the hallway. "Phew that was a close one. Geez, Lauren, control yourself!"

"She just makes me want to kill something."

Isabel suddenly backed away. "Hope it's not me!"

Lauren rolled her eyes. "Of course it's not you." She stared down the hallway where Sasha went off to. She narrowed her eyes. They never would get along, she knew that. But what was eating her on the inside was how their rivalry, scratch that, hatred started towards one another. She didn't even know. It was like the moment they met they knew that they never would be compatible…or so they thought.

"Since when did you guys never get along?" Isabel asked.

Lauren shrugged. "I don't even know."

The loudspeaker turned on. It crackled for a second until Peyton's voice was heard.

"Agent Kitt, report to Clare's office. I repeat, Agent Kitt, report to Clare's office."

Lauren raised a brow. "What now?"

"Ooooooh, sooommmeboooodyyy's in trooouuuble~" Isabel chimed, pointing an accusing finger at her.

"Oh shut it," she muttered. She stiffly walked away towards her boss's office.

"Have fun!" Isabel teased, waving goodbye.

Lauren stomped angrily down the hallway with people giving her weird looks. She was used to it, so it didn't bother her at all. It happened all day and every day. It was annoying at times, especially when she was pissed off.


The onlookers flinched at turned to each other whispering. They were making sure they didn't make eye contact with the angry assassin. She was a top assassin too, but she was more known for her clumsiness and mishaps, unlike Sasha. She frowned just at the thought of the girl.

She walked up to Clare's door and was about to knock when she heard arguing.

"You can't be serious!?" she heard Sasha exclaim.

"I am. Now deal with it. This way you two will become compatible. Your negative energy towards each other is driving me nuts!" Clare replied sternly.

Lauren's ear twitched. Clare was talking about their hatred towards each other? Is that why she was called her? Maybe her boss wanted to settle things once and for all. She knocked vigorously on the door. She heard a muffled "come in" and opened the door.

She saw a pissed of Sasha glaring at her while she was walking in. Clare took a sip of tea with a grin on her face. Lauren gave an involuntary look and sat down in the leather chair next to Sasha, who now glared at nothing in particular.

"You called?" Lauren asked weakly.

"Yes, the reason I both called you here is…well…to form a team on your assassination missions.

Lauren blinked. Clare wanted the two of them to work together? The idea seemed unbelievable. "WHAT?!"

"Look," Sasha started angrily, "I'm not happy about it either."

They both started to have a glaring contest, which Lauren was losing because she had a pathetic excuse of a glare. Clare cleared her throat, snapping their attention back to her.

"Anyway, from now on the both of you will be working together. As much as you want to kill each other, I won't allow it. And Sasha," she emphasized by frowning at her, "don't push Lauren off a cliff, alright?"

Said girl rolled her eyes and muttered incoherent curses. Lauren just gaped at her with her left eye twitching in disbelief.

"She…was going to pushme off a cliff?!"

Clare scratched the back of her head nervously. "Well, then that's settled. You two are dismissed." And with that the two off them stormed out.

Sasha shoved Lauren angrily against the wall and grabbed the collar of her shirt. "Listen here, just stay out of my way and you won't get hurt," she threatened darkly. Lauren gulped and gave a nod of understanding. She was then alone in the hallway lost in her own thoughts.

She had a feeling that this wouldn't end well.