The following questions just popped up in my mind and I thought I'd share them with you. If you can answer any of them, feel free to comment and give me your opinion. I'm all about sharing !

I wonder, sometimes, what it is that made us what we are. Was it written somewhere, or decided by forces beyond our imagination ? Were we molded to resemble someone or did we just happen to be shaped that way ?

What is the purpose of life ? Were we brought to the Earth simply to destroy one another ? Or have the countless and endless wars made us believe it's the way things are supposed to be ? Misguided men fighting on behalf of good and missing the fact that the enemy is just as equally misguided. Has it driven us to forget the meaning of being human ? Or have we simply never truly known what exactly makes us human ? Some say it's our conscience, our empathy, our ability to love, to remember, to make our own decisions. I don't know about that.

What I say is, we are all fools. We are arrogant fools thinking that we can set things right just because we want to. We are all being lied to and we persist to deny the fact that right and wrong are just words with no real meaning. What is right to someone will be wrong to their neighbor and vice versa. What is good for me will be bad for someone else. Nothing is all black or white. The world is made of different shades of grey. We are blinded, blindfolded by those who have power and money. They are the ones who hold our fates between their hands. They can let us believe we're free, but I doubt that we are. I really doubt it. It would be too much of a risk, and they can't allow that. We make better captives. We're merely a flock of sheep following a shepherd.

When I think about it, I mean, when I really think hard about the world we live in, all I see is a place of desolation. I don't think we live. I think we survive. As best as we can, with what was given to us and with what we've struggled to have. Some have it better than others. They have things others wouldn't even dream of ever possessing. And yet they deem themselves unhappy and unlucky. Because it's in our nature to envy other people, to desire what we don't have. Because that's how we were raised, we choose not to look at those who don't own half of what we have. We deliberately avoid wondering what life is for them. It's a depressing thought, really. I guess that what their lives are would be considered a living hell for us.

We dig our own graves. From the very moment air first fills our lungs until it leaves them. We all walk in the same direction, no matter how different our paths can be. Death is a part of life. Paradoxically, it's what allows us to live. If we were to be immortal, then there would never be enough space on Earth, it would be overcrowded. We would suffocate. We would starve. But since death wouldn't exist, we would be condemned to suffer eternally. And in the end, no one would truly be alive.

I wasn't expecting to write this, honestly. I'd need a lifetime to explain myself correctly. This was just a draft of what I had in my twisted mind tonight. And as I like to say, there is no pessimism, only realism. I'm waiting to see what you have to say.