Dear Editor,

I'm writing this to get my words out there. In the hope that this letter is heard, I along with half the country do not support the Vietnam War. I, however, support the soldiers.

I don't think we need this war. I may be wrong, I may be clueless, but I didn't see the threat to our country. There might have been "possibilities" or this war is a form of preventing future issues, but there's a chance that it's just the U.S. trying to be too strong. If I ever sent, forced, the kids of my country to risk their lives for us, all I know is that I'd be darn sure there is no "might" or "maybe" in my reasoning.

I support the soldiers, every one of them. They risk their lives every day because they were told to. There's no room to be against them. These boys got letters saying they're heading to war, so they packed. They were trained to fight and kill, and so they did. They did what their country asked them to do, so we have no right to turn our backs on them now.

My little brother was killed over in Vietnam, after he was drafted. People have had the nerve to tell us, "Serves him right." The little boy who helped me make pancakes every morning for our parents' anniversary is gone forever. Serves him right. The little boy I held in my arms for hours while he wept over our dog's death was shot five times. Serves him right. The little boy who would pick a handful of flowers for me every day of spring died in a ditch. Serves him right. The twinkle in his eye is gone. His happy-go-lucky smile was completely erased. The little boy who died thousands of miles from home, the little boy who came home in a box, but it's all okay because it serves him right.

These aren't monsters being sent over to slaughter innocent people. These are our neighborhood boys doing whatever they're told until they can come home. It's not their fault that they had to fight. All I'm saying is blame the war, not the people who were forced into it.