Chapter 7: Bunny, Bear… Pandotter?

Sebastian logged online as he entered into his guild's headquarters, the elderly lion looked around the bar surprised that the room wasn't a mess like usual, but the strange smell of cigar smoke lingered in the air; he looked to the couch to see Master Trucker smoking his signature cigar with someone bound and gagged on the floor next to him. It was Spike with a ball gag stuck in his mouth.

"Welcome Sebastian, care to join us?" Trucker asked.

"Mmff! Mpph!" Spike grumbled through the ball gag in his mouth.

"The master was saying how we had to punish little Spike for his mistakes and making us known." The bear smirked. "I figured this was the best way don't you?"

"Well I must admit that he is quieter now." Sebastian's answer gained a muffled yell from the hedgehog. "Has the master asked what to do about the panda character and his friends?"

"Not at the moment, he believes that they're no trouble to him. Still…" He opened a holographic picture of Kageichi and smiled as smoke came from his cigar. "I like how this cub looks, he seems interesting and cute. Maybe I'll go see him myself."

"You're going to try and do something to him?" Sebastian shook his head. "That's not the best way to put it… are you going to break him?"

"I would never do that; I'll just play with him." Trucker stood up and began to make his way to the front door smiling back at the old lion. "I love to play with my new cubs."

Three weeks had passed since Ferdinand sent a message to the system administration forwarding the video the Gate Hackers sent to Kageichi. There was still no reply until he was sent a notice on his email by the Stigma Company, saying that the video is just a prank made by a player; they didn't believe him at all, which only told him that something was wrong in Arishima's company.

Logging back on to FO (Fursona Online) he found himself in the present time, the same as the real world except that all the inhabitants in the city were animals. The world was an exact copy of New York City, its large buildings all around with Central Square not too far off from where he was. The foxnuki walked around the city before he found one of Lappy's many restaurants.

"Oh, Ferdinand hey there." The rabbit called out to him, he walked over and sat on one of the many chairs. "How are you today?"

"Fine… you mind if I get something sweet Lappy?" Ferdi asked, Lappy nodded and made him a banana split in a bowl. "This is a little too sweet…"

"Something wrong, you seem a little down Ferdinand." Lappy replied. "Did something happen?"

"I got a message from the administrators; they called the video from the Gate Hackers just a joke." He sighed and took a bite of a piece of his banana with vanilla ice cream with it. "This is good Lappy, thanks for that."

"No problem, but how come they didn't believe you?" The rabbit chef asked. "Isn't the administrators' job to believe the customers who talk about problems in the game?"

"Yes, that's why I'm troubled about this. Why wouldn't they believe me?" Ferdi thought aloud. "I had trouble with one bug in a game I used to play and when I told an administrator they listened to me and fixed it the day after. I feel like something is wrong a lot more than I thought in this game."

"Man… that's really scary." The two went quiet as Lappy washed a few dishes to pass the time.

"I haven't seen Kageichi in a while, what's my little brother been up to?" Ferdinand asked.

"He's been doing well; he reached level 42 in a matter of days." The rabbit answered.

"Sounds like him yeah, he's always been quick to keep up with others." He smiled. "You know where he is now?"

"Yeah, he's with Moitsu about to go on a quest with a friend of his."

"Friend of Moitsu's, who is that?"

Meanwhile on the other side of town, Kageichi waited at the gate of an abandoned zoo for Moitsu and his mysterious friend. Beginning to doze off he shook it off to see Moitsu walking over with a player he never met before. He was a red panda but its tail wasn't as big or puffy, but it was long like an otter; it didn't take him long to figure out that he was a hybrid. Just like Moitsu the pandotter wore a black cape; his outfit consisted of a dark blue mage gown though you could see a pair of baggy white pants under them as he walked. Around his waist were a brown belt and a green scarf, and two katanas, one with a white hilt, and black on the other were wore on his sides.

"Lil bro, I want you to meet my friend Tsubani." Moitsu introduced the two of them. "Tsubani, this is my little brother Kageichi."

"Hi there." Ichi's greeting had the pandotter blushing but he smiled and greeted him back.

"H-Hello, nice to meet you." He said nervously. "Let's work together in this party alright?"

"No problem there, but what are we doing here again?" The panda asked.

"It's part of our quest, it's called "The Rabbit in the Zoo"." Moitsu explained. "We've got to find a lost pet rabbit to a rich family."

"Isn't it kind of weird for a family of animals to have smaller animals for pets?" He replied.

"You see it in comics and cartoons, guess it makes it funny." Moitsu added.

"Huh, well let's get this going." Ichi said smiling. "The zoo is pretty big, not to mention that since it's been abandoned the trees and environments in the cages have grown bigger to the point that its one big jungle."

"It's called Jungle Zoo for a reason." Moitsu opened the gate and went inside first. "Come on, let's go."

The three began to walk deep into the zoo, unbeknownst to them that Master Trucker was watching them from afar. He puffed another cloud of smoke and smiled as things began to go his way.

'Damn, all that information and now I can't even get help from the administrators.' Ferdinand thought. 'I need to find a way to get to the higher up… I need to talk to Arishima. But I need a way to communicate with him somehow.'

"Hello there." The foxnuki came back from his train of thought to see Lappy talking to someone behind the counter. "How can I help you? Do you have favorite food; I can make it for you."

"I'm sorry no; I'm looking for someone at the moment." The person he saw the rabbit was talking to was a brown, black spotted lynx. He wore an outfit that showed he was from the future era; he wore an open black trench coat that showed a dark blue shirt inside it with a clock design on the right side of his chest that went with his dark blue pants. He wore a pair of fingerless black gloves with blue gems on the back of them, a belt on his waist with a bag on his side, and glasses with black lenses that hid his eyes. "I'm looking for a player named, Ferdinand. Have you seen him?"

"I'm Ferdinand." He answered himself. "Who might you be, and how do you know my name?"

"I read up about you, a skilled mage player and said to be very analytical in battle." The Lynx answered. "I'm here because of the message you sent on request from Kotarou Arishima."

"Kotarou Arishima, the creator of Fursona Online?" Lappy asked

"Who are you?" Ferdinand questioned.

"That's classified information, but my player name is Nuos." Nuos snapped his fingers as his glasses disappeared to show his golden eyes. "I'm an agent in the company that investigates any strange occurrences in the game, I also happen to be a friend of Arishima's which gives me a bit of access to certain things. He found the message you sent to him and asked me to investigate."

"But why did the company reply saying the video was a joke?" The foxnuki asked.

"That's what they believed, but Kotarou took a look at it himself." He answered. "Looking at some of the footage of recent events including the Shade Sucker creature a while back, he knew that wasn't a character of his so he knew it was the work of a hacker."

"That's right, it's a group known as the Gate Hackers." Ferdi replied.

"Alright then, I'd like you tell me all you know about them and the incidents they've caused." The Lynx continued

Back in the Jungle Zoo, Kageichi and the others ventured deeper inside as the whole area was surrounded in trees and grass. After cutting through the thick grass with their blades, the three managed to make it into the center of the zoo.

"God that was annoying, why do people take trips to rain forests to do this?" The panda groaned. "You sure this is where we find that pet rabbit?"

"Well we know it's in the zoo but not its exact location." Moitsu looked onward as the area showed a crossroad before them. "Uh-oh, which way do we go from here?"

"Why don't we split up then?" Tsubani suggested. "One of us can go left and the other goes right. Though when I think about it that means one of us will have to on our own while the other two go the other way."

"Alrighty, then I'll go left on my own while you and big bro go right." Ichi answered.

"Are you sure about that little bro?" Moitsu asked.

"Yeah no worries, I've soloed a few times so I can handle myself." He ran off to the left and jumped on a tree branch. "I'll send you a PM if I find the rabbit!"

"We'll do the same, be careful little bro!" The wolf watched as the panda dashed off into the trees until he was out of his sight. "Alright, let's go Tsubani."


Kageichi landed on another branch as he looked around the new area, he saw the cages nearby and noticed he was around the Gorilla habitat.

"Hm, a large zoo with a small bunny is freaking hard." He looked around as much as he could through the large trees and grass made it too difficult. "Damn, I'm gonna hate cutting through all of this grass… wait a minute what's that?"

The panda saw a pair of long white rabbit ears, he watched as they passed through the trees and into the tall grass. Ichi jumped to the ground and slowly followed the direction it was going, he crouched down hiding himself into the grass as he searched his surroundings. He crawled silently as he looked for the rabbit ears again, but he soon lost track of them in the trees. Continuing to crawl through the grass he stopped when he saw a ball of white fur in front of some bushes.

'Now's my chance.' Kageichi crept slowly and carefully, as he was close the panda pounced and grabbed at the rabbit's tail. "Aha! Mission Accomplished!"

"What, the cop a feel mission?" The surprising feminine voice sounded annoyed to him, he looked up at the tail he took and noticed his paw was also rubbing against the cheek of an anthropomorphic butt. Looking again he noticed the annoyed face of a girl staring back at him with glaring silver eyes. "Will you let me go?"

"Waah, I am so sorry I thought you were the bunny I was looking for." He said getting back on his feet, but his explanation was a very poor one. "I-I mean a small pet bunny, I'm looking for one as part of a quest with my friends."

"Oh a quest… sorry I didn't know." The rabbit girl said. "Alright I can forgive you for that one, and I don't think you'll find any other rabbits here."

"Great, well thanks for the tip… Hm?" Kageichi took a good look at the rabbit girl again; she wore a white blouse and skirt with red trimmings that went with a pair of red and white sneakers on her feet. Two red ribbons were tied on her body, one on her left leg and the other on her right ear. "Your voice sounds familiar to me; I think we might've met before."

"We did?" She asked.

"Um yeah… yeah you're the bunny lass!" He thought about what he said and remembered the last time they met. "Hey, you're the bunny lass! The one that I met back at the Coliseum that made me into a freaking pinball!"

"Wait… then you're that panda I met back then." The girl groaned as she remembered their first meeting. "Ugh you're that pervert then, what happened to your old look? The rainbow look not good enough for you?"

"Hey I liked that look, but when a friend made this for me I thought I'd use it as my new look." Ichi exclaimed. "And what about you, I don't remember you looking like this before bunny lass."

"First of all I did nothing to my character but change my outfit, something a perv like you wouldn't know." She snorted. "Secondly, don't call me bunny lass! And finally, I should PK you just for both that one time groping my chest and now my ass!"

"Let me make this clear, falling on you back in Rome was a misunderstanding." The panda explained. "Groping your butt just now… also a misunderstanding."

"What about when you squeezed my boob last time?"

"That my fair bunny lass, is nothing but pure curiosity of the opposite sex which was completely harmless."

"Mhm, yeah how about this then?" The girl reached for her back and pulled out a highly modified red rifle at Ichi's face. "I'm going to start shooting you now… and I don't know when I'll stop."

"H-Hehe, cool Team Four Star reference… I'm guessing you're a fan?" Ichi fell on death ears by a blast from the girl's rifle. He could see strands of his white fur fall on the ground. "I'll take that as a yes."

The girl smirked and pulled the trigger, Kageichi quickly drew his sword to deflect the bullet but the force from the attack at such a close range caused his sword to fly out of his hand and get stuck in a tree. He backflipped away and made a run for his sword but she shot at his direction to cut him off.

"Dammit!" No other choice, Kageichi charged at the rabbit without his sword. He dodged each bullet as he got closer and made a swing at her with his claws; she dodged the attack and swung her rifle at him. Ichi dodged and countered, kicking her into the air. The girl used the chance to shoot at him from above, but he jumped away from the attack as the recoil from the blast threw her higher in the air until she landed on a tree branch. "That's some powerful rifle you've got there if the recoil swings you around like that."

"Thanks, but it's not a rifle." The rabbit smirked, she swung her gun as it began to shift and transform into a red scythe with black trims.

"The hell, what is that a gunscythe!?" He exclaimed

"It's a sniper scythe, so get it right!" She held the scythe behind her and pulled the trigger; the gun at the end of the blade fired and threw the rabbit girl at Kageichi at high speed. She attacked with her scythe firing again mid swing increasing the speed of her attack; Ichi turned to dodge as quickly as he could but the attack still struck at the side of his waist draining his health slightly. The girl continued her attack and the panda continued to dodge, twirling to dodge a thrust from her scythe and as it touched the back of his neck Ichi quickly ducked as she pulled it back with the recoil for extra power. The rabbit hit his face with the back of the scythe and brought it to his back to finish it off, but the last attack got him off his footing and with the blade behind him he fell on top of it just as she swung with the added power of the recoil. Ichi rolled off the blade and used the opportunity to jump for his sword and grabbed it out of the tree. "You're pretty quick for a fat guy; let me guess you increase your speed and agility as you level up right?"

"Bingo bunny lass and you sure know how to use that gun's recoil." He smirked and went into sword stance. "But it's time I got serious with you, no holding back since you're not."

"Fine, if that's what you want." Pulling her scythe behind her, the girl fired and charged at Ichi with a high speed swing but was surprised when Ichi dashed in front of her and grabbed the scythe with his hand before thrusting the back end of his sword into her stomach. She let go of her scythe and he kicked her away. "Ugh, what the hell?"

"Man this thing is insane, but where'd you get this weapon?" Ichi asked twirling the scythe around in his paw. "Is it part of the weapon hybrid class, I thought there were only ones for regular guns, bows, and one with a chainsaw… I think there was an axe too."

"It's not part of that class… I made it myself." She groaned getting back up on her feet.

"Wait… you made this!?" The girl realized her mistake when he said this and tried to think of an excuse until Ichi said, "Are you a programmer?"

"Uhh… yeah… yeah I am." She took the idea and quickly went with it.

"I knew it; you're a programmer for FO and you're testing out this weapon in its beta right?" He nods to himself smiling. "That totally makes since now that I've said it."

"He's a fucking idiot…" She muttered.

"What's that now?"

"Nothing, just give me back my scythe." The girl told him.

"Nuh-uh, not until you tell me your name." Ichi winked playfully.

"I-I'm not telling you anything you perv!" She exclaimed blushing.

"Either that or I call you bunny lass, your choice." The rabbit girl sighed and finally gave in.

"Balot… my name is Balot." She answered.

"Balot, what a pretty name." Ichi smiled as he gave her back the sniper scythe. "It sounds French when you say it, are you French?"

"Half French, is that all?" Balot asked.

"Um yeah, I guess that's it."

"Good." Now that she had her scythe back, Balot swung around and slammed into Kageichi's gut with the back of it firing off a shot increase the power of her swing with the recoil. The blow caused a critical hit and caused Ichi to fly off into the air and out of sight. "They'll let anyone play this game, still I guess he's kind of nice… he did call my name pretty after all."

Back in the other side of the zoo, Moitsu and Tsubani continued walking on the other side of the zoo. The two found themselves in a small petting zoo, though the large trees and broke the fence that would keep the small animals inside.

"A petting zoo is the best place to find a little rabbit don't you think?" Moitsu looked to his partner to see him a little disheartened. "What's wrong Tsu, usually you're more open to talking when it's just us."

"It's just… do you think everyone will have me join the group?" Tsubani asked. "What if they think I'm one of the Gate Hackers?"

"This is why we're doing this remember, you have great skills hacking and that would give us a great advantage." The wolf answered. "And besides you're the strongest player we have, you're also the one that got me to play FO which if you didn't I wouldn't have met my little bro. But still, why hide your real level and your class from everyone?"

"Look Moitsu, I know you mean well but I'd like you to promise me you won't tell Kageichi or the others about me." Tsu looked at his friend who silently nodded in response. The two were about to leave until the sound of ruffling came from nearby. "Did you hear that?"

"Yeah, it came from those bushes. Good thing I brought this with me." Going through his items, Moitsu pulled out a large carrot and held it out in front of the bush. After waving it a few times, a small white rabbit with a red collar slowly hopped out of the bushes. It stopped cautiously and then proceeded to nibble at the carrot which gave the monochrome wolf the chance to grab it in his hands. "The red collar is a dead giveaway; we found the rabbit we were looking for!"

"Mission accomplished then, I'll PM Kageichi to meet us back at the gates." As Tsubani began to write a message, he noticed something that had been troubling him for a while. "Hey… is it weird that we haven't had trouble with monsters coming after us?"

"Yeah… you think there'd be a few monsters to fight." Moitsu placed the bunny in a small cage and it disappeared into storage with his other items. "And it's so quiet too, I can't help but wonder if something's wrong here."

"That's an understatement; we need to find Ichi quick."

Getting back up from the previous attack, Kageichi found himself in another part of the zoo. He found himself in an area with a wooden playground and a large cave in the back.

"Damn that hurt like hell, looks like I'm in the bear habitat… how ironic." He winced in pain as he noticed that last attack launched his health all the way to 25 percent. "That critical blow plus hitting a lot of trees really got me… I better heal myself before I do anything else."

Before he could select an item, Ichi caught a whiff of an unknown scent. It was strong and burned at his throat; it reminded him of a real world cigar his uncle's would sometimes smoke. It was different though, usually he'd step back coughing up a storm; for some reason he couldn't help but smell more of the scent, it began to hypnotize him, it drawn him in until he came to his senses to find that he found himself in front of the cave. He saw the silhouette of someone in the shadows; it was a large grizzly bear with a black trucker hat and a pair of black leather pants, his upper half was bare besides a black X shaped harness on his chest.

"There you are I was beginning to wonder how long it'd take for you to come." The bear smiled as he puffed the cigar in his paw.

"W-Who're you supposed to be?" Ichi kept his guard up but felt his concentration beginning to dwindle from the scent of the cigar smoke.

"Trucker is my name… but you'll be calling me Master Trucker when I'm done with you." The bear smirked and blew the cigar smoke into Kageichi's face.

"My body… feels weird…" He fell on his knees coughing from the smoke at his face, his body felt so strange. "What did you do?"

"Do you like it; I bet the smoke burning your throat feels good doesn't it?" Trucker held the panda by his chin and smiled at him. "Don't worry my new cub; you'll learn to enjoy it more."

"Don't call me that…" Ichi growled. "How are you doing this, are you a chemist or something?"

"That's just mocking my group; you should know it from Spike's rant on you."

"Spike…" He thought for a moment and remembered that name. "The guy from the video… you're with the Gate Hackers."

"Exactly little cub, and now you're mine."Trucker blew more smoke into Ichi's face. "Once you say I'm your master… you're all mine."

"Y-You're… You're my…"

"Come on, don't be shy cub."

'Dammit, I can't control what I'm saying. At this rate I... I really might not make it.' Kageichi struggled to hold it in but he couldn't stop himself. "Y-You're… my m… my mast-!?"

"Lightning Drill Kick!" Out of nowhere, a tornado of electricity attacker Trucker landing a blow on his chest and pushing him deeper into the cave, when the tornado disappeared Ichi was surprised to find Tsubani inside of it. "Are you ok, Ichi?"

"Tsu…?" He panted; his body began to slowly get in his control again. "Dude…I am so buying you lunch later."

"Ngh, and just when I was about to have a new pet." Trucker stood up from the blow and smirked. "But I guess this means I'll be able to get two pets in one day."

"All you'll get is a trip to pain for hurting my friend." The pandotter told.

"Careful, he's part of a group called the Gate Hackers." Ichi winced as he out to open a screen for his item menu.

"I know, Moitsu told me about them."

"He also uses some hypnotic effect with the smoke from his cigar."

"Anything else you wanna say?" Tsu asked.

"Yeah… save some action for me." He smirked getting back on his feet, his health fully restored after taking an elixir from his item menu. "It's payback time asshole."

"If you want me so bad, then come and get me cub." Trucker smirked.

"Stop calling me that!" Kageichi dashed at the grizzly bear with a spin kick for his head, but Trucker dodged seeing the attack coming. While in midair he turned upside down for a handstand and sprung in the air to land a blow in the bear's face. The grizzly grabbed Ichi's hand while he was in the air and slammed him to the ground and then throwing him back for Tsubani to catch. "Dammit."

"Mmm, this'll be fun." Trucker smirked holding his fists up in defense for another attack.

"Ichi, we need to knock him off guard." Tsubani unsheathed one of his swords and readied himself to attack. "Follow my lead."

"Alright, right behind ya."

Taking his sword out, Ichi and Tsubani charged and attacked the grizzly from both sides. Trucker smirked and grabbed both blades with his hands, the damage was small but still nothing compared to what it could've been; Tsu took the advantage and reached for second sword for a slash to his stomach. The blow made him step back but only to have his fists charge in energy.

"Double Bear Fist!" Trucker landed a critical blow to Ichi with an uppercut that slammed him up into the ceiling, and then with his second fist he dealt another critical to Tsubani's gut that launched him out of the cave in an instant.

'Bear Fist… of course he'd know Bear Style. But that was much stronger than a blow from me." Still clinging to the ceiling, Ichi looked down to see that the grizzly bear was at level 73. '73, he overpowers us completely. We gotta think of something or we're dead.'

Jumping off the ceiling, Kageichi landed a powerful blow to Trucker's body with a downward slash. Shrugging it off, the bear kicked him away but Ichi jumped out of the way and dashed out of cave before he could get hit. Getting out he found Tsubani getting back up from the ground with the help of Moitsu.

"Ichi, are you ok?" Moitsu asked.

"I'll be fine, but not if this guy ends up beating us." He looked back to see Trucker walking out of the cave. "This guy's level is really high, how're we gonna beat him?"

"Oh, now I'll have three pets to add to my collection." The grizzly smiled, cracking his fists as he readied for another fight. "This will be more fun than I thought."

"Anyone got any bright ideas?" Ichi looked back to the others as Tsubani nodded to Moitsu. "What?"

"I've got an idea; can you and Moitsu hold him off?" Tsubani asked.

"Alright, right for some double teaming big bro?" The panda readied his sword again as Moitsu tied a scarf to cover his eyes.

"Yeah, time to go all out." Pulling out his two swords, Moitsu now in his asura class took the first step before jumping above Trucker at amazing speed. "Let's go, Kageichi!"

Moitsu dove down at high speed; Trucker smirked and stepped out of the way of the attack but was unaware of the shockwave the wolf created which still gave him damage. He continued his attack while the bear dodged and countered with punches, thanks to blinding himself Moitsu's sense of hearing heightened and he was able to dodge the powerful strikes if not all of them. As the wolf attacked with both blades, Trucker saw his chanced and grabbed both blades in his paws.

"Too bad, even two swords can't hurt me." The Grizzly growled with the cigar still in his mouth. "It's shame I can't see those pretty monochrome eyes of yours."

"Well, if you like the color of black and white…"

"Then how about red and white," Coming from behind, Kageichi dashed at the bear's back and attacked in a backhanded swords style. "Take this: Dragon Arcanum!"

The panda landed a critical blow on Trucker's back; he staggered in pain as his grip on Moitsu's swords loosened. It gave the wolf the chance to attack with his own swords, enveloping the blades in flames and wild winds.

"Blazing Wind Fury!"

The two began to attack with a continuous sword combo, Ichi with his backhanded sword attack and Moitsu with his swords covered in fire and wind. Together their attacks began to drain Trucker's health gradually, already down to 68 percent the grizzly had enough. As the wolf and panda went for their final attacks, he stopped them both with his arms. Trucker quickly grabbed their arms, and moved in to give both a deep kiss blowing the smoke from his cigar into their mouths. He pulled away and watched as they both fell to their knees; their faces flushed red and panting heavily.

"W-What… what happened?" Moitsu panted.

"This is even worse… than before… dammit." Ichi fell on all fours struggling to get back on his feet. "It's harder to move."

"Like it?" Trucker smirked blowing more of his smoke into their faces. "I like to call it Master's Kiss. You're immobilized now, so be good pets and do as papa bear tells you."

"Tsu… hurry." The chubby wolf looked back and noticed his friend glowing in energy; he knew his attack was ready.

"Time… Stop!" The energy from Tsubani's body bursts forth; it enveloped the area and turned it into a shade of grey. Trucker looked around as time seemed to stand still, the falling leaves were stuck in midair and the two under him didn't move an inch.

"A time spell, and a powerful one too?" He looked back to the pandotter that was still moving in the frozen time. "How, I thought you were a swordsman and martial artist. How can you use this kind of magic?"

"Did I say I was a swordsman?" Tsubani walked slowly towards the three. "I'm a time mage, the only reason you're not frozen in time is because I want you to give the other hackers a message."

"Please, if two at once weren't enough then what makes you think that you alone can-!?" Trucker's sentence was cut off as a fist shot right in his face without notice, the force was so powerful that he flew and crashed above the cave entrance. Feeling the pain shoot through his body like a bullet, the bear looked above the pandotter standing next to his friends and saw that he had changed from level 58 to 93. "Hiding your true class… even hiding your true level… you're a hacker too aren't you?

"No… I'm just here to help my friends." Tsubani snapped his fingers as time began to flow freely once again.

"Huh, what the…" Kageichi, oblivious to the change was shocked to see Trucker plunged on top of the cave with his health drained to 38 percent. "Holy crap! Tsu what did you do to him?"

"I'll tell you later, Moitsu get him in the air!" Tsu commanded.

"You got it!" The wolf got back on his feet and readied his blades. "Tempest Maelstrom!"

Moitsu spun swinging his swords and created a large tornado that move toward and sucked the grizzly inside. Trucker was trapped in the eye of the storm and began to be shocked by the electricity inside.

"Ichi, how many volumes of the bear style do you have?" The pandotter asked.

"Umm four why?" Ichi asked.

"Good then let's finish this together." He winked at the panda who looked at him confused. "I'm part panda remember?"

"Oh right, ok let's do it!" Sheathing back his sword, the two ran out towards the tornado in opposite directions.

"Bear Style!" Unleashing their claws, the two jumped into the air and spun with their paws in front of them. Energy enveloped them turning them into their own tornados that pierced through Moitsu's attack and clashed together with Trucker in between them. Their joined attack crushed the grizzly until his health fell down all the way to zero; the attack turned his body into nothing but data. Kageichi and Tsubani landed back to back from each other with their claws sheathed back into their paws. "Double Drill Claw!"

"Way to go guys, we did it!" Moitsu cheered. "Great teamwork!"

"That was definitely awesome, but how did he explode like that?" Kageichi asked.

"If a player gets attacked by a blow that literally crushes them, their body will be destroyed and have to wait to spawn back for a good 60 minutes." Tsubani asked. "So let's get out of here while we still have a chance."

"Oh right, I gotta find my big bro Ferdi too. I got something that he has to see."

"So are we in agreement?" Nuos continued his conversation with Lappy and Ferdinand who both nodded in agreement.

"So, Arishima wants us to help him find out more about the Gate Hackers?" Lappy asked. "He wants us to do this buy going through the game and see if we can find any weird anomalies or even members in the group?"

"Yes, especially the guild members." The lynx explained. "If I can give him info on the characters, we could possibly find who they really are and put a stop to them."

"That'll be difficult though, the Gate Hackers have never really shown themselves to us besides that Spike character." Ferdinand thought aloud. "We'd probably have to bring them to us."

"Big bro hey, I got something!" The three turned around to see Kageichi, Moitsu, and Tsubani running over to Lappy's shop. "Dude I got something really great… who's the new guy?"

"Ichi… we were in a conversation you know." Ferdi sighed. "What is it anyway?"

"Hehe, check this out!" The panda opened his menu bar and pressed on the "video recorder" option. A wide holographic screen opened up and showed the three a video from the battle with Trucker at Jungle Zoo.

"Who is that?" The rabbit chef asked.

"His name is Trucker, and he's a member of the Gate Hackers." Moitsu answered/

"He's a member, are you absolutely sure?" Nuos questioned.

"I'm sorry but, who are you exactly?" The panda looked to his foxnuki brother who chuckled at the situation. "Big bro, what's going on?"

"What's going on is that you just gave us exactly what we needed lil'bro."


Meanwhile, Sebastian cleaned up the bar in the Gate Hackers headquarters while watching Trucker's battle with Ichi and friends. After seeing the grizzly destroyed he turned to see the front door open and someone come inside.

"Oh it's you, how was your day today?" He asked

"It was alright, I mean it was strange I'll admit." The female voice answered.

"Something happen?"

"I met this weird player while going around." She explained. "He was random and kind of stupid, plus he was kind of a pervert. Still he was a good player… he caught me off guard and took my weapon from me."

"A boy caught you off guard?" The elderly lion chuckled. "That's very unlike you, Balot."

"Very funny, next time I'll get him for sure." Balot chuckled sitting back on the couch. "But I guess he wasn't that bad a guy, he was nice to me after all… and he did call my name pretty."

"Do you remember his name?" Sebastian asked

"You know, I never really asked." The bunny shrugged. "Who knows, maybe I'll see him again."