Chapter 1: Getting Ready for Migration

"To find something you love,

to find eternal happiness,

to lose it all in a flash..."~ Torimaiki

"Are we there yet, Rei?"

"We're almost there, just be patient, Elizabeth."


It's been a day since we've encountered one of them and the reason for the encountering is because my year is almost up. The last time we—well me...The last time I saw them, they injured me. They took me down and dislocated my shoulder. The men told me I better pay by the end of this year. Damn Mafia. The cause of all of this was because of my father's poor choice. About a year ago, my father had some bad relations with this other business man. He, being a business man himself, wanted to get rid of all competition, so he hired the mafia to take this man out. Stupid father didn't realize how much the cost of all this would be, and how stupid the idea was in the first place. Selfish bastard didn't think it through.

*Sigh* When the assassination was completed, the mafia asked for their pay. My father obviously didn't have the money, and every week the mafia came by, the more beat up he was. My mother finally noticed and asked what's going on. The old man confessed what he has done and because of the that, my mother tried to help repay the mafia but both of their incomes weren't enough.

After three months of waiting, the mafia just did what was destined to happen anyway. They busted into our house and shot up the place. Stealing everything valuable and killing off my parents. One of the members came up to me and told me he and his group wouldn't kill me unless I worked for them or I can somehow manage to pay them back. I was only fifteen at the time so I had no where near the amount of money they wanted, but I told them I would be able to pay them back, so long as they gave me some time.

The members that were standing over me looked at each other and nodded. The one in the middle took me by my collar and pulled me up telling me in my face, " You have one year to repay us. If we're not paid back by the end of the year, you'll pay us with your head. Also, don't bother trying to alert the authorities. We'll know if you do and once we hear that you have, we won't just kill you. It'll be a lot worse..." He threw my head back to the floor and left with the other three pushing aside all the broken furniture in the hallway.

I thought to myself while still on the floor, "What can I do? How can I get out of this situation? Where will I live?" The next day arrived and I told the only person I can trust. My girlfriend, Elizabeth Lee. When she heard of the terrible ordeal, she allowed me to live in her house and she also decided to help repay the mafia. However, she only had a part time job as a waitress, so we were definitely not going to make enough before the year ends; I am happy that I'm not entirely alone though. Elizabeth is always there for me and I will always protect her no matter what.

During that year, I tried to devise a plan to get away from the mafia so I don't have to worry about this shit anymore. It's bad enough that my family was murdered but now there is a chance of me getting killed too, and honestly, I don't want to die; even though I miss my family and I hope that I'll see them in an afterlife, I want to keep living for Elizabeth. She's the whole reason I'm still alive now. Without her I would have no place to live, no supplies to stay alive, and no emotional support to help me keep going. She IS my life and I must protect her to keep living. That may sound selfish because I'm protecting her so I can stay alive, but I don't want to protect her just for me. I want to protect her because I love her. Ever since we first got together, I felt such an amazing happiness. Everything about her is just perfect. I will risk my life for her. If I die while saving her, then I will gladly accept my death.

After 6 months had passed, I finally came up with a plan. The only way to lose these bastards is if I start a whole new life. I carefully planned everything out. First, I would delete all the information about myself on the internet. That's including emails and subscriptions to video websites. Next, I would delete all of my files and pictures on the computer and afterward destroy the hard drive. To destroy a hard drive is pretty simple: Boil it for fifteen minutes, smash it with a hammer, and use an electron magnet to render the drive useless. Now that I can't be tracked via internet, I must make myself undetectable physically. First, I find all paperwork about me: Passport, ID, any paper work with information on it. I would shred all of these items making it unable to receive the paper back and throw 'em away in SEPARATE garbage cans. Next is my cell phone. Delete all of the contacts and leave it somewhere; maybe a train station or maybe I can chuck it into an ocean. Without my cellphone, I can't be tracked by some mafia hackers via satellite. Also, I had to choose a destination. During this time, I lived in NYC, so I chose to move to Canada. On my way to Canada, I must use a car that has no built in GPS since a GPS receives signals from satellites. Lastly, I had to dodge all pay booths and sneak through the border. The pay booths were easy to dodge, but the border was going to be hard. What I had to do was get out of the car with my luggage and try to sneak through. I knew all the cops were checking on the cars and there are people in those booths, so I would have to go to the stop and go store by the border, and slip through the back into the bushes. Once there, I can get through with ease. I would keep traveling through the bushes and trees along the highway and the second I spot an exit, I would rush across and whatever lied ahead would become my new residence.

When I had finally confirmed all of my actions, I told Elizabeth. At first she called me an idiot and yelled at me saying I can be caught by the police and get sent to jail, or get run over by a car.

After the yelling and a silent moment to think, she said, " If you're going to do this...Then let me stay by your side. I don't want to leave you...y-you make me so happy...every time I'm with you, I wish time would stop so I can just savor the moment. If you were to leave me forever then..then...Just let me come with you! We can start a new life together." I was motionless after she had made her speech. Honestly, deep down, I was hoping she would come with me... " I'm so happy you said this...please...stay with me..."

After the whole scene, I had her do what I did with all my stuff. Unfortunately, she had to run away from home leaving only a letter behind (that her parents will read once their business trip was over) saying, "Going to Europe with my friends, I'll be back in four weeks." It was such a bad idea but it's her choice to come with me and she was willing to do anything.

Everything was settled and it was the ninth month. We planned to leave in the next week but before that week happened I was jumped when walking back to Elizabeth's house. Fucking dislocated my arm. When I finally got back to the house I fell to my knees, getting teary eyed from the pain. Elizabeth ran over to me and tried to ask what's wrong. Due to the pain I just mumbled,

"We should leave now-"

Elizabeth didn't really hear what I said and she asked loudly: "Wait! What happened to your arm?! It looks out of place!"

I managed to suck up the pain and relay what had happened. I told her we couldn't go to a doctor because we were trying to stay "Under the radar" so I had to get some courage and pop my shoulder back into place. Right when I touched my shoulder, I felt a jolt of pain rush through shoulder to my head. "Arrrgh!" I exclaimed.

"Rei, hold still! If you keep moving it'll hurt more," Elizabeth pleaded.

"Arrgh! Dammit!" The moment my shoulder snapped into place I sighed a deep sigh.

Once the day reached to a climax, we chose to head out. Our journey to a new life finally began. I will lose these bastards and enjoy a new life with Elizabeth...Haha...I can't stop smiling! Just thinking about it-


"Wh-what is it?"

"Keep your mind focused on the driving!"

"R-right...sorry, just recapping everything that brought us here..."

She sighed, "It's fine. But please don't slack off on the driving. I don't want to get into an accident right at the beginning of our journey!"

"Right, we can't mess this up. Our journey to a new life...but..."


"Well, I'm kinda dragging you along with my messed up life...I would've accomplished so much. You have the brains to get into an excellent college and you have the personality to get any guy you want...but you got stuck with me-"

"Shut up! Don't say that! I chose to go with you because I WANTED to stay with you...and also...I never told you this but since we are going to be starting a new life together...I actually had some problems of my own back home. You know, like family issues."

"Family issues? Like what?"

"Well, you see, my father never really wanted a daughter. So when I was born he despised me and avoided me like I was the plague. My mother was always out at night doing naughty things-" "Your mom's a prosti-"

"Yeah...And every time she came back home she smelled like cigarettes and sweat. My father knew about her actions too but he didn't give a damn because she gave birth to a girl-" she sobbed.

"Elizabeth...I—I wish I knew so I could have done something..."

Wow. I never knew Elizabeth had such an issue. Every time I went to school she would always be so preppy and so social. I never knew...



"I will never turn my back on you. I will stay by your side no matter what. I will die for you...and gladly accept my death. I promise."

"Rei...I-I love you...I love you so much...At my age, I don't know what love is...but...I'm pretty sure this feeling...this feeling is love..."

" I love you too, Elizabeth. We have a long drive 'till we reach the border, so get comfy, kay?"


At that moment, I felt as if I was on a road trip with her, setting off to a weekend of relaxation, away from our stress-filled jobs; getting ready to enjoy what life has to offer. A sort of, nostalgic feeling...Too bad this was the complete opposite of what I felt. That's when fear crept its way back into my heart, making itself comfortable...I then started to accelerate...speeding through the empty highway...