The One Who Delved Into the Madness

Nocturnal Queen,
She wears her snow tipped crown with pride,
Dancing under the moonlight,
She awaits the return of a man that never was to be,
Her innocence is real and far from feigned,
And though she knows the harsh reality of this world,
She's happy just to live in her hallucinations,

A vivid imagination, is a gift bestowed on many,
But only few can keep a numbing grip on this expensive luxury,
I ask not for money ,I ask not for prayers,
I ask for only the whips of your sanity,
And the chains are broken,
Like that she slips,
A feeling like she's falling,
And her brain can't bring her back.

Time is running away from her fingertips,
She can't hold on no more,
But instead of wallowing in sadness,
And know that she can't function,
Forever happy she shall be,
In wickedness and sinful ways,
Of one who delved into the madness,
Free of choice, and free of wit.