A/N: Hey guys! :D Back with more Zanstan. I got this idea from a brief mention in a fanfiction I read and thought it would work perfectly with Zanstan.

Just a forewarning(which most of you probably won't read since you're here reading this anyway), this one is intense. Like, much more so than all my other Zanstan fics. Anyway, hope you enjoy! :D

Change of Plans

Tristan, fresh from a shower, walked back into his dorm room, his wet black hair combed back and his towel slung around his neck. His roommate Nate was at his computer desk, typing furiously at his laptop and…actually working?

Tristan peered over his shoulder, a drop of water from his wet hair falling onto the back of Nate's neck. He wiped it away, not before growling in an irritating fashion, and kept typing. "Are you actually doing your homework?"

"I've got this giant ass paper due in two days and I've barely started. My grade is fucked if I don't get at least a C, so I've got to do this. Hope you don't mind if the light stays on for another two hours or so. Meaning more like five."

"No, not at all." Tristan straightened up and laid his towel across the back of his own computer chair, scooping up his laptop and settling down with it on his bed. "I've got some stuff of my own to do." Nate didn't reply, and Tristan was almost positive that he had tuned out the world after he finished talking.

He was also almost sure that Nate wouldn't have given a shit about his answer either way.

Tristan opened up his laptop and logged in, quickly pulling up the internet, his fingers hovering over the keys. He glanced up for a moment at his roommate, who was deeply immersed in his essay, but just to be sure, Tristan sat with his back against the wall.

He and Zander were getting together this weekend, and they would, of course, be having sex, as they always did. Sex with Zander was great, but Tristan wanted to spice things up a little—do something different.

And he knew the perfect way to do so.

Zander laughed as Tristan pulled him into his house and god, did he miss that laugh. He nudged the door shut with his foot and pressed Zander to the wall, nuzzling against his neck. Zander smiled and squeezed his boyfriend's waist.

"I never see your parents around anymore." He said, and Tristan pulled back, raising an eyebrow curiously.

"Do you want my parents around while we fuck? You know you're not very good at keeping quiet." Zander flushed.

"No. Not really."

"Good." Tristan pressed a chaste kiss to his boyfriend's forehead and tangled their fingers together. "Because I know you won't be able to hold anything in today. Come on, I've got a surprise for you." Zander, curious, allowed his boyfriend to tug him up the stairs and into his room, where he had been many, many times before.

Zander plopped down onto the bed and watched Tristan—okay, watched Tristan's ass—as he opened his closet and rummaged around in the back of it. "Tristan, what are you doing?" Tristan chose to ignore him and moved things around a little more until he stood, a medium sized brown paper bag in hand.

He slid onto the bed, his jade green eyes meeting Zander's ocean blue ones before he dumped the contents of the bag onto the bedspread. Zander nearly immediately flushed a deep red color. "W-wha…Tristan…sex toys?" Zander could already feel himself getting aroused as he glanced over the contents in front of him.

"Mmhmm. Sex with you is fantastic, of course, but I just thought that maybe we could try something different." His eyes went wide for a moment. "I hope that's okay with you." Zander swallowed hard, hoping that his boyfriend hadn't already noticed his boner.

"Y-yeah, that's fine." Tristan looked down at the selection of toys and smiled a little. It had been a bit of a challenge acquiring them. He had ordered them that night that Nate was working on his essay, and it took all of the mental strength he had to refrain from touching himself just thinking about using the toys with Zander. And thank god for discreet shipping—he was able to ship them to his college mailbox without anyone knowing what he was up to, but really, it wasn't anyone else's business if he bought sex toys. He was old enough anyway.

They sat there in silence for a few minutes, just staring at the toys. Zander had a tingly feeling flowing through his body and his pants were already uncomfortable. He picked up the box closest to him—it was a vibrating cock ring with nipple clamps. He couldn't help but shiver and he put down the box, picking up another.

This one was a vibrating butt plug, with three different vibration settings. Zander glanced up for a moment at his boyfriend, and their eyes met again. Zander quickly averted his gaze and looked at the next box. It was a candy ball gag—safe to eat and cherry flavored. And of course, the handcuffs that they occasionally used were there as well.

"So what do you think?" Tristan finally said, obviously trying to contain a smile. Zander's heart was slamming inside his chest and he knew that his blush had not gone down at all, if anything, it had gotten worse.

"I think…" He said slowly, inching closer to his boyfriend, his hands placed firmly on Tristan's thighs. "I think that I'm topping today."

Tristan bit his lip, letting Zander push him back onto the bed and straddle his waist. "I was planning on using these toys on you," Tristan confessed. Zander pressed a kiss to his jaw.

"Change of plans," he murmured against Tristan's skin. His slim fingers slid under Tristan's green t-shirt, feeling along his firm abs and trailing higher to his defined chest. "I love your body," he whispered, kissing Tristan deeply. His fingers toyed with Tristan's nipples as his tongue slid along his bottom lip, slipping inside when his boyfriend parted his lips.

Tristan moaned softly into the kiss, his hands planting themselves on Zander's ass. He pushed his hips up, trying to get something to rub against his clothed erection.

Zander pulled back from the kiss, taking off Tristan's shirt when he lifted his arms. His lips found Tristan's again, distracting him with a kiss as he moved his boyfriend's hands off of his ass to hold his wrists in his hands. He grabbed the handcuffs and, without breaking the kiss, snapped them around Tristan's wrists.

It was Tristan who broke the kiss this time, testing the cuffs to find that he was firmly attached to the headboard. He moaned. "God, you're so hot." Zander chuckled deep in his throat, no longer embarrassed, but extremely turned on. He leaned down and flicked his tongue over Tristan's nipple, making him suck in a breath and arch into his touch. He didn't spend much time there, just a few licks and nibbles, just enough to tease him.

He trailed kisses down to his abs, licking over the strong, almost 6-pack, before nuzzling at the bulge in his jeans. Tristan choked back a moan and pushed his hips up. "Fuck, Zander, come on!" Grinning, Zander placed his hand over the bulge and squeezed, and Tristan couldn't hold back the moan this time. Zander climbed off of his boyfriend and petted his hip, settling between his legs now.

Zander unbuttoned his boyfriend's jeans and tugged them off of his hips, tossing them carelessly to the floor. His eyes widened when he realized that Tristan had gone commando. "I was uh…really eager." Was his boyfriend's excuse, and he gave Zander a sheepish grin. Zander just shook his head and laughed.

"Well, you're going to have to hold that eagerness back, because I'm not touching you. Not for a while anyway."

"What?" Tristan groaned in frustration and thrust his hips up into the air, though he knew this would help nothing. "Why not?"

"You're the one who bought the toys, not me." With his erection leaking onto his stomach, Tristan watched his boyfriend with partially lidded eyes as he opened the box with the vibrating cock ring and nipple clamps, his own penis jerking at the sight.

"Put the cock ring on first," Tristan whispered. "If you put the nipple clamps first, I might lose it." He closed his eyes and pushed his head back into the pillows, waiting. Zander smiled—he loved how much control he had over Tristan right now. It wasn't often that Tristan was the submissive one.

He slid on the cock ring to fit snugly around the base of Tristan's penis, and then put the nipple clamps on, gauging his boyfriend's reaction. Tristan's hands were curled into fists, twisting in the constraints of the handcuffs.

As Tristan squirmed on the bed, Zander noticed a button on the cock ring, assuming it was to activate the vibrations, so he pressed it.

Tristan reacted immediately, his back arching as he let out a long moan. "Oh fuck," he cursed, planting his feet flat on the bed, his heels digging in.

"How does it feel?" Zander had to ask, though he could've guessed from his boyfriend's reaction.

"Good. So good. Everything feels so damn good." Zander picked up the box and read the back, his eyebrows shooting up when he realized that the nipple clamps vibrated as well. His eyes went back to his boyfriend writhing on the bed. He was getting hot and bothered just watching him, so Zander peeled off his blue v-neck and tugged off his jeans, leaving on his white boxers.

"Ready for more?" Teasingly, Zander ran his finger along the underside of his boyfriend's penis with a feather light touch and he jerked hard.

"Fuck! God, yes. Give it to me Zan. Give me all of it. Fuck, I need it all…" He continued to babble on, which is why Zander reached for the candy ball gag next. He slid it out of the box, curious as to how it tasted, so he poked his tongue out and gave it a lick.

They weren't lying about the cherry flavor.

He leaned over Tristan and gently placed the gag in his mouth, securing the string around the back of his head. "Is that alright?" He asked his boyfriend, and Tristan nodded, now unable to speak. He grabbed the last box, the one holding the vibrating butt plug. He knew that Tristan was watching him through heavy eyelids, so when he took the plug out of the box, as seductively as he could, he wet the plug by basically giving it a blowjob.

He thrust it in and out of his mouth, his tongue swirling around it, and when he heard Tristan whine, he knew that he had done his job. He pulled it out of his mouth with a satisfying pop and eyed the small puddle of come on Tristan's stomach from his leaking erection. He rolled the plug around in it, making sure that it was nice and wet since he hadn't yet gotten the lube.

Tristan spread his legs a little wider and raised his hips, his chest rising and falling rapidly as he waited for Zander to put the plug in him. It was close to being diamond shaped, and the box said that it was one and a half inches at its widest point, the end of it flaring out so it couldn't accidentally get lost inside him.

Tristan made a little grunt of impatience and Zander laughed, pressing the tip of the plug against Tristan's puckered hole. Almost always, Zander bottomed, so he knew that Tristan wasn't very used to being penetrated, which is why he was trying to go slow. But Tristan just seemed so impatient about the whole thing, shoving his hips down and trying to get Zander to slide the plug in faster.

Zander kept at the same pace, watching intently as Tristan opened up around the plug and pulled it in without much resistance. Once the plug was as far in as it would go, Zander glanced up at his boyfriend. His eyes were squeezed shut, his thighs shaking a little bit, his hand still curled into tight fists.

Zander picked up the small controller to the plug and switched it onto its lowest setting. Tristan moaned around the gag, his hips thrusting up a bit, and Zander noticed that the small pool of come on his stomach was getting steadily larger.

Feeling naughty, Zander switched the plug from its lowest setting to its highest setting, skipping completely over the middle setting. Tristan arched hard off of the bed, a strangled cry escaping from around the gag, and he opened his eyes. They met Zander's for a few seconds before they rolled back into his head from the sheer amount of pleasure.

Zander set the controls to the side and just sat there and watched for a few minutes. It wasn't often that he got to see Tristan so out of it like this and he loved it. He was flushed pink, from his cheeks down to his upper chest. Spit dribbled out from around the gag and ran down the sides of his mouth. His erection was red and leaking onto his stomach, small spurts of come shooting out every now and then. His abs and the muscles in his thighs were drawn tight and when Zander looked down between his legs, he could see that Tristan was clenching around the plug.

Zander shucked off his boxers and leaned down close to his boyfriend, letting his own erection brush against Tristan's, who jerked from the contact. Because of all the stimulation, any other touch was amplified.

"Do you want to come Tristan?" Zander whispered, his voice deeper than usual and laced with lust. Tristan whimpered and nodded, making a strangled noise when Zander gripped his penis and squeezed. "Sorry, I couldn't hear that. Do you want to come Casanova?" Tristan let out a long whine, his hips bucking. Zander could see that there were tears pricking at the corner of his eyes, so he decided that maybe it was time to give him what he wanted.

He leaned over to Tristan's bedside table and grabbed a bottle of lube and a condom—the condom wasn't really necessary since they only ever fucked each other, but it would make sex a lot smoother since Tristan wasn't often a bottom. He rolled on the condom and slicked himself up, moving so that he was settled between his boyfriend's legs again.

Zander grabbed the flared end of the butt plug and slowly pulled it out of Tristan, angling it so that it brushed against his prostate as it left his body. Tristan arched his back, making a choked noise when the still vibrating plug brushed against his spot, his body squeezing around it.

"Come on Casanova, let it go," Zander cooed, and Tristan swallowed as best he could around the gag, forcing his body to relax. Zander finally pulled the plug out, not bothering to turn it off before he brushed it aside.

He grabbed his boyfriend's thighs and pulled Tristan towards him, this motion stretching his upper body more since he was still cuffed to the headboard. Zander cupped Tristan's balls, and Tristan moaned around the gag, grounding his hips down.

"Alright, alright." Zander said quietly, lining himself up with Tristan's opened hole. He slid in easily since the plug had loosened his boyfriend up, and he began thrusting immediately.

Tristan's eyes rolled back into his head again and the handcuffs clanked against the headboard as Zander thrust into him, the puddle of come on his stomach now sliding down his sides. He moaned and hooked his legs around Zander's waist, his heels pressing into his boyfriend's lower back.

He was already clenching rhythmically around Zander, ready to come but unable to because of the cock ring. Zander could tell too—Tristan was getting tighter and tighter around him every time he squeezed.

"Are you ready to come Casanova?" Zander asked, and Tristan nodded furiously, tears streaming from the corners of his eyes, spit dribbling down the corners of his mouth. "Are you sure?" Tristan whined, nodding again and jolting with a surprised noise when Zander hit his prostate dead on. His eyes were pleading with Zander, begging him to come.

Zander moved one hand to slide the cock ring off of Tristan, leaving the nipple clamps on, and slammed into him a few more times.

Back bowed, eyes rolled back into his head, every muscle in his body squeezed taut, Tristan came, shooting come as far as his chin and shoulder, a few drops even reaching the pillows. His body shook hard as his orgasm wracked him, and though he was clenching hard around Zander, he didn't stop drilling into him until he emptied himself into the condom.

Zander breathed out a sigh and slowly pulled out of Tristan, who moaned at the loss. The cock ring and butt plug hummed quietly on the bedspread, and Zander pulled off the condom, stroking himself a few times, his sticky come transferring onto his hand. He tossed the used condom into the trashcan by the bedside table.

Tristan was still recovering from his mindblowing orgasm, breathing heavily and shaking a little. Zander pulled off the nipple clamps, pressing the button on the cock ring to turn off the vibrations. He leaned down and ran his tongue over Tristan's sensitive and slightly swollen nipples, and he moaned at the contact. Zander continued down his body, licking up the come that Tristan had spilled over himself. Tristan shuddered when his boyfriend's tongue slid over the head of his penis, cleaning up the come there as well. He finally moved back up his body, licking up the drop on Tristan's chin, and removed the gag from his boyfriend's mouth.

Tristan was so wrecked, he couldn't even speak. He kissed his boyfriend hard and sloppy, collapsing into the sheets as Zander unlocked the handcuffs, releasing him.

Then he wrapped his arms around Zander, curled into his body, and fell straight to sleep.