Party of the Century

Synopsis: Scott Monroe's next door neighbor, Evelyn (Eve) Haverty is throwing a massive block party for her Quincanera even though she isn't Latin. She invites everyone in the neighborhood but him due to the fact that he is 'lower middle class'. Scott finds it his duty to round up a gang of friends to try to crash her party and ultimately ruin it, only to discover he is having the time of his life. Other revelations about Eve come to light; for instance, she is adopted, her sister, Emily is still waiting to be adopted (and wanted so badly to be taken with her when the adoption papers were signed but wasn't due to all the red tape) and she is actually a very lonely girl since she has had to 'buy' her friendships over the years.


Piper Monroe: (mother)

Paul Monroe: (dad)

Scott Monroe:

Kipper: (black lab)

Ricardo (Ricky) Montoya: (Scott's bff)

Shushan (Shoe) Levy: (Scott's bff)

Fiona Haverty: (mom)

Hamish Haverty: (father)

Evelyn Haverty:

Emily Henson (in process of adoption):

Jensen (family butler):

DJ Fresh:

Christina Habanero:

Scene 1-The Annoyance Next Door

Scott: (watching Evelyn setting up a massive birthday party) That's my next door neighbor, Eveyln Haverty. She lives in absolute luxury and gets whatever her pretty little spoiled heart desires. All over town, there are these gaudy fliers advertising her big Quincanera. Girl isn't even Latina. (scoffs in disgust) Did I get invited ? (a bit upset) Of course I wasn't invited. She considers 'my type' of social class 'plebeian', whatever that means. Girl must've swallowed a Thesaurus since I can't understand half of what she says. I personally think she bribed people to come to her soiree tomorrow. One thing I am totally certain of is that my boys Rick, Shoe and I are crashing that party and there's nothing miss priss can do about it !

(Spy Hunter theme plays in the background while Rick and Shoe are devising a 'foolproof' party crashing plan.)

Shushan: You think we got it ? I was up all night drafting this ingenius map.

Scott: Shoe, how did you ever figure the dimensions of her house so accurately ?

Rick: (sing-song) Stalker, stalker, pervy pervy stalker !

Shushan: Shut it, Rick. I am not a stalker. I once was able to walk into Evelyn's property and past the family butler, Jensen. Jensen's chill, he doesn't take himself too seriously.

Rick: And Jensen just let you in ?

Shushan: Yes. (proudly) I am that good. And that suave.

Scott: And so humble.

Rick: (laughing)

Shushan: So, after I sauntered in, I let my photographic memory do all the work.

Rick: If you weren't the moral upstanding young guy I knew, I would definitely think you had potential as an evil, twisted mastermind or a steathly catburgerlar.

Scott: You think you can use your gift of gab to swing past Jensen this time ?

Shushan: I don't see why not, but first we have to start stocking up on water ballons, stink bombs, silly string, the whole shebang.

Rick: That rich little snot, Eve will never know what hit her ! Literally !

(The theme from Mission Impossible plays as the trio begins assembling their artillery and ammunition. Fairly soon, they are outside of her mansion and Shoe is about to incorporate his magnetism. Scene.)

Scene 2-Party Crashers, Foiled

(Smooth Hip Hop Summer Evening is playing in the background)

Hamish: A big round of applause for our celebrity deejay, DJ Fresh !

(The crowd goes absolutely crazy. The trio comes in with their backpacks full of 'ammo' and Shoe begins his schmoozing.)

Shoe: Good day, Jensen.

Jensen: Why, hello there, young Shushan. Come to the gala ?

Shoe: You've got that right, my man.

Jensen: Are these your companions ?

Shoe: Yes, and we're here to par-tay ! So if you don't mind, we'll be passing through.

Jensen: Any companion of the brilliant young Shushan is a companion of mine.

(They walk past Jensen without incident.)

Scott: Aw, yeah ! Shoe you are scandelous ! (knuckle bombs him, and Rick)

(Street Lover begins playing)

Rick: This is my jam ! Come on, Shoe, get to steppin'.

Shoe: (mumurs) But this isn't part of my...I mean our brilliant plot !

Scott: See you later, Jensen.

Jensen: Yes, of course, young Sir.

Scott: This place is immaculate. I can't believe how collosal everything is. (comes up to find Rick and Shoe dancing and Shoe has put in a request for Fly Away, which begins playing)

Shoe: (busting some sweet moves until Rick stops him)

Rick: Shoe, you're getting distracted.

Scott: Look who's talking ! We're all a bunch of hypocrites.

Rick: (looks at the platform) Ugh, here's the queen of the hour. Evelyn Haverty.

Shoe: It's all about Eve. Forget the rest of us 'peons'. Little does she know there are some balloons with hot sauce with her name on them.

Scott: (feeling smitten with Eve) Why would you want to do that ?

Rick: Don't tell me. We will not lose you to her wiles, Scott. Do not fall for that harpy! You are out of her league, it will only end in disappointment. Disengage now soldier ! Do you hear me ?

Scott: I hear ya, Rick. You're yelling is going to make me deaf though. I will not participate in your venture.

Both: (at different times) WHAT ? Are you joking ? No way, dude ! God, you're such a wuss !

Scott: Wuss maybe, but just look at her. Does that look like a happy young lady to you ?

(The trio look at Eve and look at him and Shoe slaps his palm into his face.)

Shoe: Oy...I can't believe you are actually bailing...

Rick: It's not like anyone was actually sticking to the plan. The music hypnotised us.

That's it !

Fiona: Everyone welcome the lady of the hour, my daughter, Eveyln !

(The crowd cheers, and the three, knowing they are surely beaten, place their backbacks on the ground. Mozart dubstep plays and Eve dances spellbindingly to it.)

Rick: She certainly has rhythm for a rich girl.

Shoe: There's a lot of saddness in her dancing though.

Scott: See ! What did I tell you ? I have to talk to her.

Rick: Suit yourself. We're enjoying this shindig with or without you.

Scott: Does this mean I am no longer your bff ?

(They look at each other, pondering the question heavily.)

Shoe: Consider our friendship in a position of statis.

Rick: Suspended until further notice.

Scott: (exhales sharply) Alright. Fine. If that's the way you want to play, we'll play that way. I accept your terms.

Shoe: Mazel tov , dude.

Rick: I hope you still maintain your ego, or what'll be left of it after she rips it to shreds, frappees it, minces it and sets it ablaze.

Scott: (walking away) You guys are so encouraging !

(Shoe and Rick find other ladies at the party to talk to and soon forget Scott's quest.)

Scene 3-The Whole Truth

Eve: (dancing to the beat until she bumps into Scott, nonplussed) Oh, it's you. Scott Monroe. How did you get in, commoner ?

Scott: (sputtering) C-commoner ? Why I...(seething) No. It's not worth it to get my feathers ruffled over your name calling. Why are you so angry anyway, Eve ?

Eve: You really want to know ?

Scott: More than anything. I never realized it until now, but despite that temper and sorrow you harbor, you are truly beautiful.

Eve: (blushing, walking away from the party with him) You really know how to flatter a girl, even if you are a ruffian.

Scott: I'll take that as a compliment.

Eve: I'm surprised you're still hanging around.

Scott: Why do you say that ? (sits down next to her at a picnic table, not too far from an elaborate fountain of Venus)

(Better Off Alone plays in the background while the revelers dance to the pulsating rhythm.)

Eve: (sighs) I've never been very good at making or keeping friends. I wasn't always rich and the one friend I did have I was taken from.

Scott: (shocked) What ? That's terrible.

Eve: I was an orphan, as well as my sister, Emily. We were fraternal twins, inseperable from the moment of our birth until we were put into the hideous adoption process. We were shuffled from one orphanage to the next, moving from country to country until we were paired with our magnificent parents. Emily still couldn't be given to mom and dad due to policy, red tape and terms that are still too difficult for me to grasp today, but I know eventually she'll be with me. Mom and dad are working tirelessly to make certain she'll have a good home to rest her head in.

Scott: Gee, that's tragic. I'm so sorry... (takes her hand) I never knew your upbringing was so hard. How close are they to drafting Emily into the family ?

Eve: Actually, the paperwork is nearly complete. It's been years since I have seen her, though the establishment lets me write letters to her. Problem is, photos are prohibited, so I don't even know what she looks like now. She would've been having this Quincanera with me if everything was copasetic.

Scott: (a bit awkwardly) I had been jealous of you for the longest time. I had wanted to go to a private school just like you did, have the house you do, the horses, and whatever you wanted..

Eve: That's just it. I don't get everything I've always wanted. A lot of people often believe that I do. It's a sad and untrue accusation, and I have to live up to pigenholing and stereotypes such as those. (she tries to hide bitter tears)

Scott: Don't cry, Eve. It's your birthday. It's supposed to be happy. (taking one of her hands again in his own) Look, I'll promise you something.

Eve: (is surprised that Scott is wiping away her tears) What's that ?

Scott: I'll be your friend. In fact, I really like you. You're not an awful person at all.

Eve: (taken aback, surprised) Even after all the names I've called you and how unsavorily I have treated you ?

Scott: (nodding) Yes, Eve. Whatever you do, Eve, I'm your boomerang. Even if you try throwing me away, right back I'll land at your feet.

Eve: (chuckling) I guess one friend is better than none.

Scott: There you go ! That's the ticket.

(Carmen dancemix plays in the background)

Scott: Want to dance ?

Eve: The night's nearly over though.

Scott: Let's make this one memorable then. Let's end on a high note.

(The two dance together and the night ends with a slow dance to 'True')

Scott: (narrating) If I had known then what I knew now, I probably still would've danced with Eve. My friends were still not on speaking terms with me since they felt I was a 'deserter' and 'turncoat', but I think when school started, they soon forgot about our shenanigans and moved on with our lives. While they were fixated on the latest FPS that had come out for the XBox 360, I was interested in when I would see Eve again, because honestly, I couldn't get her out of my head.

(Scene fade)

Scene 4-Like Nothing's Changed

Rick: Another day, another head. Man, my teachers keep piling on the homework, as if it is some kind of torturous fad.

Shoe: Yeah, man. My back is killin' me under this backpack I'm schleppin' today.

Scott: Guys, it's not all that bad. We're all acing our classes, again. Whatever happened to those ladies you were schmoozing with at Eve's party ?

Shoe: Well, Christina and I are still an item. It's difficult, though, seeing that she is so far away. Good thing I am on excellent terms with her parents or I might never see her again until I at least get my driver's license and a job of my own. That'll take quite some time.

Rick: Janis and I split a long time ago, and honestly I don't want to talk about it. (sulking)

Scott/Shoe: (at similar but different times) Sorry. That sucks, dude.

Rick: Don't feel bad. Plenty of fish, right ? I'm still young.

Shoe: What about you and Eve ? How's that goin' eh ?

Rick: Oh I just gotta hear about this.

Scott: We're getting along really well.

Rick: You can't be serious.

Shoe: She looked like she was chewing you out at the party.

Scott: She really isn't so bad. Did you guys know she has a sister ?

(The two look at each other)

Rick: No, not at all. Why didn't you tell us earlier ?

Scott: (sighs and slaps his face with his hand, grumbling angrily) Because you idiots wouldn't let me talk to you ! (punches them both hard in the arm)

Shoe: Ow, dang !

Rick: Yeah, not cool !

Scott: It wasn't cool that you practically abandoned me the remainder of the summer, but meh, water under the bridge.

Shoe: So...(nudges him) What about you two ?

Scott: She's really extraordinary. A brilliant, funny, engaging, saavy, super sweet girl. And not a brat like many portray her.

Rick: So why the Quincanera ?

Scott: She's a mite eccentric. She had read about them and wanted to try one out for size.

Shoe: That's actually kinda cool. Guess she likes culture.

Scott: Oh, she does. And she said you two are welcome to the mansion if you want to come someday.

Shoe: Why ? I mean, we had malevolent intent.

Rick: To begin with, moron ! (they laugh) What about her sister ? I personally wouldn't mind meeting her. Wonder if she's as pretty as Eve is.

Scott: I knew it. All along you had a secret crush on my girlfriend !

Rick: So what if I did, man. So what ?! She's a hottie. Sisters are doubly spicy.

Shoe: I do not want to know what goes inside that twisted brain of yours, holmes.

Scott: (getting a buzz from his cell) Yes, a text ! Been only a few hours since I last heard from her. Must be lunchtime at the private school.

(they look over his shoulder to read it)

Scott: Do you mind ? Jeez, rude. Looks like she's having another party. This time, we're invited.

Rick: Ironic.

Shoe: Is it for her sister ?

Scott: Precisely. It'll be happening this weekend. Hey, you'll get your chance to talk to her then !

Shoe: I'm only going as moral support.

Scott: Why don't you bring Christina ?

Shoe: She wouldn't turn down the invitation, that's true. The more the merrier !

Scott: Then it's settled. I'll let her know we're coming, Christina too.

Shoe: Rad. I can't wait !

(Scene fade)

Scene 5-Emily's Homecoming

Piper: (watching Scott rush out the door) Where are you off to in such a hurry, young man ?

Scott: Eve's having another celebration.

Paul: You mean your girlfriend, you sly dog. One moment you go from loathing her and the next, she's the cat's pajamas.

Scott: (exhales in mock frustration) One of these days you'll meet her, I promise that.

Piper: Just as long as she makes my baby happy. That's all I care about. (kisses him on the cheek) Don't be home too late. Keep your cell on you at all times if you need us.

Scott: I know mom, I know. Love you both ! (he kisses and hugs them before leaving)

Paul: (proud, holding back some tears) Kid's becoming a man, isn't he, dear ?

Piper: You bet, and a grand gentleman he is. We did well, jello cube.

(They hug each other close, watching him leave)

(Shift scene to the party. Space Duck from SexualLobster's sketch dump play in the background. Everyone is having a magnificent time and Emily is brought into the jovial event by Jensen with a blindfold around her eyes.)

Emily: Are we almost there ?

Jensen: In a few more moments, Miss.

Emily: I can't wait...the suspense is killing me ! (bouncing up and down)

Jensen: Believe me, Miss, it will be well worth the wait.

(Eve is waiting at the gate to see Emily.)

Scott: (squeezing her hand) This is it. Finally the paperwork has been finalized !

Eve: I wonder what she looks like. It's been ages since I have actually seen her, let alone spoken to her by phone.

Scott: If she's anything like you, I bet she's superb.

Emily: (walking into the party after Jensen unveils her) What's this all about ? Who are you ?

Jensen: Why, I'm your butler Miss. And this...This is your home.

Emily: Is that Evelyn ?

Jensen: Yes, it most certainly is !

Emily: (eyes welling up with happy, expectant tears, she rushes toward her and hugs her) It's been so long, Eve ! You're just as I imagined you'd be.

Eve: (tearing up herself) And you, too. This is Scott, my boyfriend.

Emily: (sizing him up, but greatly impressed) I can see why you fell for him. He's got a lot of pluck. I can't believe mom and dad went to this trouble just for my arrival.

Eve: They wanted you to feel special and to welcome you home. Do you feel welcome ?

Emily: Do I ? I'm exactly where I belong.

Scott: I want you to meet someone.

Emily: One of your friends ? Alright. Now my interest is piqued.

(As Emily meets Rick, I Believe In You plays in the background)

Scott: (narrating) From the moment Rick saw Emily, the two were inseperable. The three of us were now full-fledged men. That last dance was our first introduction as men into the world. For Emily and Eve, it was a chance to feel part of something bigger than themselves. Eve was never the same person and she said it was partly because of me, and partly because of Emily. She wasn't so self-absorbed, but other interested. I realized that at some point, parites come and go, but friendship and love are constant. That glow I felt, it still lasts, and I hope it will last long into my adult years. For now, I just savor these moments and continue making memories like these last. That way, when I look back, I'll know for sure that my adolescence truly was one of the best anyone could've ever wanted.

(As we see Scott and his friends in photographs in the photobooth at the mall, going to theme parks, riding rides, water parks, going back to school, etc., Dynamite plays in the background, and The End appears on the screen.)

(roll credits, blooper reel)