so i decided
that im done.
im gonna have
a little fun.

im gonna cut,
im gonna bleed.
im gonna give myself
everything i need.

im gonna pay
for what ive done.
im gonna pay
by having a little fun.

screw trying,
cuts for life!
cuts for every day
filled with strife!

screw healing,
yes to drugs!
screw the power
of "healing hugs"!

screw living,
yes to death!
yes to cutting
till my dying breath!

screw you
and your fucking ways.
yes to starving myself
for many days!

screw you
and your fucking mouth,
yes to turning the blade
north, east, and south!

screw you
and your fucking lies,
yes to forgetting you
and your pained cries!

screw you,
screw me.
lets just be
who we wanna be.

and right now,
i wanna be dead.
so let me bleed
my blood so red.

let me cut
my scarred skin.
let me cut,
knowing im giving in.

let me bleed,
knowing we'll never talk.
let me bleed,
then go on a walk.

let me walk with blood
dripping down my arms.
let me walk with the noise
of police, screaming alarms.

let me stop walking,
and start to run.
let me start running
because of what ive done.

let me cry,
because youre dead.
let me scream
because you put the gun to your head.

let me blame myself
for killing you.
it wasnt murder,
at least thats true.

i didnt try to stop you,
i just let you die.
so let me sit here and torture myself,
even if i do start to cry.

screw you and your
fuck ass ways.
because of you,
i'll torture myself for days.