A/N: This happened to me… but I should stress, the bold words are what is going on in real-time. The normal words are what is going on in the boy's mind. This fic is more-or-less a moral debate in my mind during the time given life and imagination. Why I posted it was because I got too lazy to write this as a poem. Besides, I think I've had enough of poems for a while.

The lonely schoolboy walked to school, his friends all out with their own friends, leaving him all alone. He sighed, took out a book, raised his glassed and sat himself on his chair, leafing through the pages. Yes, it was just another day… Or at least it would've been if the class bully didn't walk up to him and snatch his book away, asking in his big, dull voice, "Wah, reading porn in school? You depraved bisexual!"

"Knock it off!" The boy snapped, trying to snatch the book back in vain. "And stop calling me out on my bisexuality, just because I'm bi doesn't mean you're fucking Jesus!"

"Every day you just make dirty jokes and read porn! Go back to your girlfriend or boyfriend and fuck their brains out lah*!" The bully yelled, causing many turned heads.

Angels Conscience and Restraint struggled with the oars as the waves continued their onslaught on the flimsy wooden craft. "To think that it was sunny just now," Young Restraint mused bitterly as another wave exploded against the vessel.

Some time ago, the sky was clear. There was even a light breeze. Soon, however, a sting of annoyance blew and began to howl. Dark clouds of hatred and contempt were summoned from beyond the distant mountains of the mind and had blanketed the sky of calm. The tranquil sea became choppy rage. Older Conscience had insisted on braving the storm. "It will soon pass!" the younger angel noticed a grimace that had flickered briefly on the face of her sister when the latter surveyed the empty net.

A titanic wave of anger, at a height that it may as well have been mistaken for Godzilla, surged towards them. Conscience was flung overboard. Her arms thrashed about wildly as she gasped for breath. Each time she swam towards the boat, the monstrous waves cast her away. Restraint watched on with horror. Her desperate cries were muted by the slashing sounds of evil rain that sliced the air.

It was a slow, torturous death for the older angel, who hung on till the final minute. Her last words to her sister were muffled by the howling winds. Finally, the cold rage devoured her as she sank into oblivion.

Restraint, crouching against the side of the boat, seemed dazed. It suddenly dawned on her that the boat was filled with water up to her knees.

Another wave whipped the boat, and with a sickening crunch, the craft flipped over.

Screaming, Restraint was flung into the icy cold depths. She struggled, arms flailing, legs kicking, but she only managed to sink deeper. The cold stung her like thousands of needles. Her limbs slowly turned numb. Her lungs were bursting, cheeks blue for air.

Then she stopped struggling.

As the storm went on, her lifeless body continued to be tossed about in the raging waters like a rag doll.

"How many times do I have to tell you," the schoolboy said loudly, "I DON'T READ FUCKING PORN!" punching the bully away into his own desk.

A/N: Don't worry, everything was fine. Nothing but a scolding and a false apology came out of it, so everything's back to normal.

*Singaporeans have developed a sort of English-Chinese hybrid language dubbed 'Singlish'. This is a form of broken English that would change sentences like 'What is the time?' into 'Now what time?' One notable factor of this is he adding of suffixes and prefixes of 'ey', 'oi', 'lah', 'lor', and 'wah'. They serve no purpose other than showing the person is speaking Singlish. To this day, I'm pretty sure the person who developed this was an American/Chinese hybrid who was a Jeff Goldblum impersonator.