''Content With Being Discontent''

I'm content

Watching you from afar

Wishing we were together

Wishing you wanted the same

but I know you don't

Your not in love with me

Not in any shape or form

You don't see me

I'm invisible


You never acknowledge me

like I don't exist

I'm so discontent

Watching you live your life

wishing I can be a part of it

Loving you

knowing you'll never love me

I wish I could tell you

How I feel

But what would you say

would you not feel the same?

Laugh at me

mock me for such a thought


I fear it

The unhappiness

the Heartache

So I won't

Tell you how much I love you

I'll just be

content with being discontent

(A/N I don't do that much romance, so tell me what you all thought. God bless.)