Chapter Seven: The Party

I do not know what to think of the idea of going to a party. I have never been to a party; I am not a party girl. Back in New York City Vanessa went to parties. She invited me a couple of them, but I did not go.

I flipped through my closet. I did not have much of a fashion taste. Back in New York City, I did not have to have many school clothes. I had gone to a private school where everyone had worn uniforms. So, most of my clothes were jeans and T-shirts. All of my "good clothes" were navy skirts and white button down shirts.

"What to wear?" I asked Cheyenne.

Cheyenne, who was sitting on the bed crossed legged, got up and walked over to my closet. She surveyed my closet. "What did you wear in the city? Are you sure that you are from New York?"

I nodded. "I went to a private school with uniforms. So, no need for school clothes."

Cheyenne made a face. "You are not from the same planet as me."

I shrugged. Either most of the clothes I owned came from thrift stores, street fairs, or Wal-Mart. Shopping for clothes just was not my thing. I would rather spend my money on writing items than anything else.

Cheyenne was still muttering about my awful taste in clothing as she rummaged through my closet. I wanted to point on that she could dig for a long as she wanted and she still would not find anything to fit her taste. I kept my mouth believing that it would be for the best that she finds out on her own.

"Ah ha!" Cheyenne exclaimed. Her voice sounded very muffled.

"What?" I asked. I could not think of what she had found.

She worked her way out of my closet with a big smile on her face. She was holding a low-cut tank top in her hand. She displayed in to me proudly. It was a simple gray color with a white belt under the bust. I had completely forgotten about it. I had bought it at a street fair with Vanessa a few months ago and never wore it. It did not fit my taste or my style. Judging by the look on Cheyenne's face, it was a perfect match. I tried not to groan.

"This is it!" Cheyenne exclaimed. She threw a pair of white shorts at me. "I have a pair of wedges that will go with it perfectly." She looked at the clock. "I must go and get ready." She rushed out of the room leaving me dumbfounded. She did not even ask what size shoe I wore.

I looked at the outfit she had laid out for me. I picked it off the bed and walked over to the full-length mirror that was located on the back of door and held it up in front of me. It did not look bad. It brought out my red hair. I guess I had pretty hair. It was wavy, but was not a frizz ball somewhat wavy. I sighed. I was not a party girl and, yet, here I was going to a party with a revealing outfit. Who would have guessed?

Two hours later, I was as ready as I was going to get. Cheyenne was sitting next to me outside the house as we waited on the boys.

Cheyenne was wearing a barely there red sundress and three inch heals. Her blond hair was pulled up into a messy bun that only a few girls could pull off. She did not look trashy, but, rather, very mature. I knew that only a few girls could manage to do that.

I was not one of those lucky girls.

The boys pulled up a few minutes later in a medium size car. Jasper was behind the wheel and Jared was sitting next to him in the passenger seat. Heavy metal music blared from the speakers.

Jasper flashed us a brilliant smile. "Ladies, let our journey start," he said as he motioned for us to climb in the backseat.

Cheyenne leaned over the passenger side window, across Jared, and kissed Jasper on the lips. "As my prince commands," she said pulling away.

I did not know how Jared felt about Cheyenne leaning over him like that. He seemed to be somewhat annoyed by them. Judging by the look on his face, I figured that this was not the first time the couple had done that to him.

Cheyenne climbed in the seat behind Jasper and looked at me. Her blue eyes were darting between me and the vacant seat behind Jared. She wanted me to sit behind him. It was at that moment in time that her intentions were fully understood by me. She was trying to get me to hook up with Jared. That was another thing that I did not do.

I do not hook up.

I saw that I had no choice, but to climb in behind the boy. I considered myself very lucky that Jared was not paying any attention to what was happening behind him.

The party was a large house on Weeping Lake. It appeared that most of the houses in the town were lakefront. I struck at how large the structure was. It reminded me of ski resort homes from upstate New York.

The house was made of wood, but did not have the structure of a log house. It had a porch that lapped clear around it. It was set back from the main road and had a large driveway, which was lined with cars. Behind the house, I could hear people yelling and the slashing of water. There had to be a pool nearby.

I turned to Cheyenne as she climbed out the car. "Whose party is this?" I asked.

Cheyenne was too busy adding yet another coat of lip-gloss to answer my question.

"Chris Brent," Jasper answered for her. I could hear some hatred in his voice as he said it. If he did not like Chris, then why were we here?

I almost choked when I heard the name. Chris's last name was Brent. It was the same last name from the story. I could not help, but wonder if they were related.

Before I could ask, Cheyenne finished with her lip-gloss with a loud smack of her lips. She shoved the lip-gloss down her dress clearly not bothered that we were in the presence of boys. "Okay, let us go," she said as she led the way into the house.

The inside of the house was just as impressive as the outside. I thought that it was a shame that it had been turned into party central. There were so many people crammed into the house that I thought the house could explode at any time. I still wanted to explore and muttered my wishes to the others. They nodded and headed toward the keg.

Typical, typical, typical.

Chris's home was rather open. The kitchen and dinner room were pretty much the same room and arches separated the living room from them. The entire home, with the exception of the kitchen, game room, basement, and four bedrooms, was done in a wood-like way. He was not sure if it was actual wood and he was not going to question it. The ceilings in the home were rather tall and a giant window covered the front of the house that over looked the lake. Down the hall were two bedrooms and a bathroom. At the end of that hall, there were doors that lead to an indoor swimming poor and hot tub. Down the wide hall on the other side of the living room was a laundry room in the corner of it and a long bench for unknown reasons. To the right of the laundry room there was library. On the right side of the hall, there was door that lead to a two-car garage. Next to the door to the garage, there was a set of stairs that lead to a game room with two balconies, a kitchenette, and a small bathroom. The upstairs of the house consisted of an open loft and four bedrooms that each had their own private bathroom. Outside the house, there was deck that stretched about half way around the home. One the backside of the house, there was another pool and hot tub. Over the hill, behind the pool and hot tub were a medium size barn and a large horse field.

I just wanted to sit in the living room and take it all in. The house was just to prefect to through a house party in. I feared for the house. It deserved to be treated better than it was.

Teenagers were dancing around me in ways that I had never seen before. It rather looked like they were having sex on the dance floor. It was so strange and gross. It looked like everyone was enjoying it though. I knew that I would not like that.

A handsome boy with black hair came up beside me. "Hello, there," he whispered. He batted his eyes at eyes.

I pretended not to notice him.

He ran his fingers up my arm. "Want to go somewhere a little more private?"

I pulled my arm away from him. He was drunk. Drunk enough to hit on random girls. I wondered how many girls he had hit on tonight.

He crouched down to my height. "I am Chris."

I could tell that he was very drunk. He had probably had more to drink than most people here tonight had. I was not going to offer him my name.

"What is your name?" He asked as he slid his hand up my shirt. "Um, I like what I feel."

I snapped out of my daze and pulled away from the jerk. He had gone too far in my book. I hit his face. "Okay, to far there." I stepped back.

Chris pouted. "Are you sure, baby?"

I did not respond.

Chris got right in my face and batted his eyes. That even furthered my belief that he was drunk "Come on, now. I am a lot of fun."

I walked away from him. I did not have time for this nor did I want to mess with him. This was the first time that this had ever happened to me. I did not like it when drunken girls or drunken people came on to me. It was annoying. I made his way across the dance floor. Cheyenne caught my eye; she was dancing with Jasper.

"I am going to go for some air," I mouthed.

Cheyenne nodded and turned her attention back to her dancing partner.

Jared was standing in a corner holding a red cup caught my eye and saluted me with his cup. I smiled and slipped out a sliding glass door. I knew that Jared was still staring at me even though my back was turned to him. He seemed to be always watching me. It was not in a stalker way, but more in a protective way. It reminded of a big brother.

Outside I felt much better. There were not a many people. I really could not tell because of the mist that was rolling in off the lake. I did not understand how the mist managed to come in. The air in Arizona did not feel like mist making air. A lot of things about this place did not really make sense. Weeping Lake was like a topical resort in the middle of a desert. Expect Weeping Lake was not a resort town, but just a normal American small town.

Through the mist, I could barely make out Isaiah Island. Its' dark shape made it look like something out of a Hollywood horror film. It was so eerie and lonely looking. I do have to admit, it rather gave me the creeps. I leaned over the porch railing to get a closer look. The island did have an artistic perspective. If I could draw, I would definitely want to draw it. It would make a wonderful piece of Gothic work.

While I was thinking about it, I saw something race across the island faster than any human did could. I did not get a good look at the creature, but from what I could tell it was human. I knew one thing for certain, no human could move at that fast of a pace. It was just impossible.