Just Another Grey, Cloudy Day

It was just another grey, cloudy autumn day, one of many, and many more to come.

A young girl stood on the sidewalk, staring into the clouds with unfathomable expression, as the chilling wind sent the dead leaves below her feet flying.

It wouldn't be fair to say that she loved this kind of weather, but she certainly preferred it over the sun, which shone so brightly in her eyes, or the pounding rain, wreaking havoc onto the people below.

But this weather would only last for so long before giving into the ever-shining sun, or the hysterical rain.

Unlike her, who was forever suspended in the "calm before the storm".

But today was a different day, or so it seemed, because the first drops began to fall, in sync with the rain.

There was really no reason for her to be crying, really. She had told herself, every year, that something so silly as a birthday didn't need the attention of other people. In fact, there was absolutely no logical reason why she should be celebrating it at all!

So why did she feel her heart clench when nobody bothered to congratulate her today?

They...probably just forgot, right?

But, really, was it that hard to remember?

If it fell on a Monday, it would be Thanksgiving.

Granted, it didn't fall on a date like January 1, or February 2, but it was relatively easy to remember as the 8th day of the 8th month, as long as you remembered "octo" meant 8.

Twin trails ran down her cheeks, falling before she could stop them. She lifted her head, only to glare and mouth a silent 'I hate you' through quivering lips.

She absolutely hated this day.

October 8.