green skin


the ghost girl had
three hearts
that bled constantly

the alien boy had
four blue eyes
but no heart

"you don't love me,"
ghost girl said
"you're just wasting time."

alien boy didn't speak
adjusted his glasses
(both sets)

she loved his green skin
his squeaky voice, the
saturn tattoo on his leg

she let him kiss her wet cheek
stroke her foggy tendrils of hair
run his through (inside) her mist

hours passed
green on blue skin
they watched the sun

they watched the morning
dew swell up on her
cemetery flowers

"my ship is fixed,"
alien boy said, four eyes
squinting into the sun

"what about me?"
ghost girl whispered,
four hearts in her stomach

"there just isn't a connection,"
alien boy said,

he flew off his ship
she watched him go
crying ghost tears

"can we still be friends?"
she wondered, flowers on her
tombstone, wilted

and maybe she'll
always dream of
green skin