A Night to Remember.

A girl in a crowded room can feel more alone than in an empty room. Shane, a young girl from north Alabama, learned someone always waited for her. Waited for her to make a mistake.

Alone, in an unfamiliar diner, the dinner rush had just raced in; the place was swamped. She sat down at a table. shying into the wall next to her, every one paused to watch her. Sticks decorated her hair, and dirt covered her once lovely face, scratches ran up and down her arms and legs, the blood crusty, scabs forming over the marks. Out of breath she Curled in on herself, Every thing she had known was destroyed right in front of her.

Flashback two days.

A stereotype horror movie screamed on the TV.

"I told you not to go in there..." Shane's sister called halfheartedly at the now dead girl curled in the fetus position at the killers feet. She flopped down on the couch, with a fresh bowl of popcorn, and began stuffing a handful into her mouth. Shane reached over and grabbed her own handful, pouring it onto her lap. She put one piece on her tongue, feeling it melt. The door bell rang, Shane's sister hesitantly paused the cheesy slasher film, and walked into the foyer, Shane sat on the couch eating her popcorn smiling about the funny face, the TV. was paused on. Her sister walked back in the room, and stopped behind the couch, leaning on it. The movie played again.

"C'mon, sit down." Shane whined at her sister, and she made no attempt to sit next to the young girl, "Luna?" she called turning around, her eyes widened. He bent over the couch. A tall man dressed in black, with a black mask over his face showing only his dark eyes, filled with rage.

Shane screamed as loud as she could, and fell to the floor. The sound seemed insignificant to her, no one would hear her, the neighbors were gone for the weekend. She would know, she was watching their cat. Her father, whom she and her sister lived with, was working late tonight. She lie facing the dark mass that was to be her demise. The couch was the only safety, they could play run around for hours. But eventually someone would die here. Die here?! She thought in a panic. Wheres Luna?! A tear ran down her face. The cruel man seemed pleased by his work.

"Yes," his voice boomed, it frightened her. She jumped. "I Killed her." he emphasized, the music on the TV. grew exponentially louder. A piercing scream scattered the room. The movie had killed all of its characters, Shane was sobbing and screaming at the same time. I'll never make it! He's going to kill me...she thought sobbing. She stood, trying to look like shes going to give him a run for his money. Looking in the hall she saw her fears confirmed, there lie Luna, blood covering her body. Her face pale, and her eyes still glassy. Another tear ran down Shane's face, and the killer advanced while she was distracted. She flipped back to him he stopped and his mask moved a small bit, he was smiling! Pain filled the tiny girl. She stepped back once, as he reached up and pulled his mask off.

Shane wanted to be dead now. The face behind the mask was one she knew, loved, respected! He father stood before her now, holding a knife. She gasped, her heart felt like a hundred tones in her chest.

"Hello Shane." He said as if he had just came home, on any normal day. She studied his face, it still looked cold. She looked at the TV. the credits rolled, and fake blood spattered on the rolling panel of names.

Deciding on a whim, and very quickly she darted for the door, still open. She was much faster than him, she was smaller, lighter, and quick. He chased after her bellowing, she carried down the street, and stole into the small wooded area behind the neighbors house, no one would find her if he found her, but she wasn't about to let that happen. A stick broke close to her. She jumped and bolted out of the small forest, and ran down the highway. Car's saw her and honked seeing she was in a tee-shirt and shorts, looking very much like pajamas, running bear-foot things stuck in her feet but she kept running at full speed, a car could catch up with her. She flinched every time a car drove past her.

Her thin brown hair was already a mess, her skin was a light creamy color, it almost reflected light. Head lights shone down the road, and she tensed. They rolled next to her, a tear stole down her face. As she looked into the cab, a man sat in the drivers seat looking intently at her, as if she would morph into a car that needs a spare tire. Thinking quickly she jumped the side rail, and fell into a small river, she swam in all the time. The water was freezing, and she started shivering instantly, her body trying to shut down. The creek was deep here.

Shane rose to the surface, she looked around looking for the side of the river. I know where I am! She thought, remembering a a pair of shoes she forgot here. She swam to the edge and began searching for a pair of purple sneakers. They were full of dirt, she dunked them and dipped them in the water to rid them of bugs. She put them on, they were a size small. A face loomed over the edge of the rail, she looked at the face a second before bolting into the forest again. She was even faster, now she wasn't being careful for her feet. Though they did hurt a bit.

The forest looked eerie as she ran along a trail her sister had made to a condemned house they had fixed up. Finally next to the river that ran lazily by, was the house. She opened the door, running up the stairs two at a time, skipping the missing stairs. She stole to the biggest of the rooms.

She and her sister had put each of them a spare of clothes so they could go home dry, if they were in the river. She grabbed her sisters hoodie and a pair of pants, she pulled the soaked pajamas off the pants on, and found a tee-shirt, she pulled the tee shirt on and ran into the kitchen, it didn't have much in it, junk food her sister bought after one payday. She took as much as she could hold in a back pack she found laying in the floor of the living room, she hastily stuffed the hoodie in the bag, she was about to leave the best part of her childhood, but stole one last look into the dark living room, and saw, the red stain on the floor, it reminded her of the Cool-ade party, that was one of the best days of her life, her sister was still alive, her father still loved her, her life was perfect, earlier that day we had a scavenger hunt. That was fun... she thought drifting into memories that would forever elude her. She remembered running around out side with a map of Alabama, it was way too big for her to hold by herself, but she and her sister laid it out on the floor, and traced the roads... Suddenly she remembered the map. Where is it?! She thought hastily, and darted back in the house, searching the drawers, cabinets, and all the nooks, and crannies, she could think of. Its up stairs! She thought, it was unnecessary to talk, it would just give her away. She bolted up the steps again, and the map was laying in the small room they used for a space ship, this room is simply painted funny and it looks futuristic. Her sister had said. She grabbed the map refusing to be sucked into a memory. it's just a memory, a stupid memory that I never want to see again! She ran out the door, and down the trail turning off at a fork in the path, it would be invisible if she didn't know where it was. I have to find a place to sleep... She thought. A picture of a clearing filled her mind, she remembered this place, flowers, and tall grass that hid her face. A picture of her laying amongst the daisy's in a white dress clouded her mind. She stopped and looked behind her and into the trees, she was still alone. It scared her, she was alone she also had no one to go back to. No one loved her anymore.

She started walking slowly, fatigue and sleep deprivation weighing on her. She collapsed in the middle of the trail, she sobbed and slept, waking up every twenty minutes in a cold sweat, that's all it took to relive her sisters death, from her point of view, her sisters point of view, and the killers, all of which was worse than any horror film imaginable. Morning arrived, she sat up looking around. She burst into tears, It wasn't a dream?! It wasn't a dream! She screamed at herself. She cried into her backpack, And sobbing won't help any, Shane! Her sisters voice echoed through her head, as another memory ripped her apart. A stick broke off to her left. She hushed her bawling, but didn't raise her head. If he found me, he did a good job looking. I want to die, there's nothing left for me here. She said to herself. Nothing for me, she echoed. Mocking herself, thinking of her beloved older sisters face, smiling in the creak.

I have to avenge her! She deserves more than this! She said her mind flitting over to her sisters dead corpse still laying in the front door. She stood and grabbed her backpack, slinging it over her shoulder, she ran down the path, as soon as she heard the cars she swerved up to the road there was a small city there. Where am I? She thought, Who do I ask where I am? She walked the streets, it felt good to be in the company of humans but also terrifying, I don't know where I am, I don't know anyone here, lost is a relative term, to be lost someone has to be looking for you. Someone is looking for me, but its just not the same! She countered herself I'm got getting a hug and a stern talking-to when he finds me. She thought, seeing a memory of her father, pulling off his mask. A woman approached her.

"Hello, there. Are you looking for someone?" She asked politely. Shane stared up at her. The lady looked into her eyes. She narrowed them.

"No." she said after some time. The lady looked up, then back down at Shane.

"How old are you sweetie?" She said, cooing. Shane rose one eye brow.

"I'm thirteen." The lady, looked shocked.

"Where is your mother?" She asked.

"I don't know." Shane's mother walked away when she was young.

"Well, let's find her. Whats she wearing?"

"You can't find her. And no one can find me." Shane said darkly. She turned and walked away.

Shane found her way around the city, she walked into a gas station to go to the bathroom. As she was walking out of the bath room she saw her hair it was a mess, her face covered in dirt, her clothes rumpled. She looked terrible. Just then someone banged on the door.

"Hey, Get out of there!" a man yelled, she jumped. More banging. She whimpered. "C'mon, kid!" it sounded like her father. Of-course it sounded like him, he's everywhere. He found her!

She looked frantic, around the room. A fire extinguisher, a bolted window, and a bar of soap. She broke the glass on the fire extinguisher and unlocked the door, standing beside the entrance. The door opened, creaking, he looked around the corner. It was him, her father stood just inside the door now, she shot him with the fire extinguisher in the face, the air around it seemed cold, she smiled it felt good to smile. She took her new found gun with her. As she ran out the door, the store clerk heard all the yelling, when he saw her run out the doors, he yelled for her to come back, and he pulled the silent alarm.

Shane ran down the street and in to an unfamiliar diner, it was already dark by then, people stared. She curled in on her self on a bench near the back, people paused there eating to stare at her, whispers passed from person to person the door flipped open, and her father stood in the door, he went over to the table where Shane lie, her eyes still stocked with fresh fear.

"Oh, Shane!" she cried loudly, for the whole diner to hear. "Shane why did you run away?" he cooed. She saw through him. "Come back to the car, please?" He said begging. Her throat was too thick to speak. He grabbed her hand and she struggled, but he held her close, it was almost an embrace. A tear welled in her eyes. As he put her in the car, and buckled her in like she was a two year old. Taking extra time to bind her hands. She looked down at the seat.

"Alright, you little brat." He said angrily, "You had your little run, now it's my time to have fun." He said laughing at his sick joke. He drove a little ways, and pulled over on the side of the road, there was a small ditch, and no light, no cars, no witnesses. She could get away this time. He opened the back door, of his car and fumbled around with things, she looked at the ground and a single tear escaped. Then a cloth covered her mouth, it smelled bad, sweet, and sick. She tried to scream, but it all went black.

She never woke up.