Chapter one
Rick's amazing TNT & Cheese
(The most explosive Mac & Cheese on the market)

The Air in that classroom as hot and sticky. Lila was trying unsuccessfully to blow a piece of hair out of her face. To her right, Rick was scratching down his last answer on their pop quiz. To her left was Ron, he was also writing as fast as possible. Lila risked leaning towards Ron a millimeter. He had drawn a comic strip on his quiz.

Lila leaned another inch and snapped her fingers behind his back. Ron jumped and yelped.
Mrs. McCreedy, (Who had been being a good teacher writing on the blackboard) turned around suddenly and Ron slid down in seat. "What is the meaning of this disturbance in the class, Mr. Fielder." Mrs. McCreedy said with a self important tone. "Uh-I don't- I didn't-I just-I'm sorry- it's just-" Mrs. McCreedy hit Ron's desk with her ruler.

"Mrs. McCreedy," Lila said, standing up, "It was me it's my fault."

"Fine then; Miss Jones, you have detention." Ron gave Lila a sad look. Then Mrs. McCreedy smiled and turned on Ron. "Mr. Fielder; you too. Both of you are to report to the Principal's office tonight at 8:00." With another over cheerful smile she turned back to the board. After four minutes the bell rang to signal lunch. Everyone laid there quizzes on Mrs. McCreedy's desk and ran out the door.

Lila Walked into the cafeteria at 12:34; 19 minutes after she should have been.
She set out for the table in the corner farthest from the popular kids tables. She usually met Rick and Ron there, but they weren't there that day. She started to sit down when there was a tug at her leg and she was pulled under the table.

"Hello Lila." Rick said mysteriously, rubbing his hands together in the way he always does when he's plotting something. (Usually something bad.)

"Rick what are you up to?"
"Did you really think I was going to let you and Ron have all the fun in detention while I stay out and live in freedom?"
"That's exactly what I thought you were going to do."

"Lila," Rick said, putting his hand on her shoulder, "I am not the kind of person who likes freedom unless he's earned it. And my intention is to earn it tonight." Lila looked at him blankly, like she didn't believe a word this stranger was saying. Then she remember;
This was Rick Walker she was talking to. The crazy guy from Connecticut that everyone thinks is weird. And that's a lot to say in a school filled with exactly two hundred and forty two breeds of weirdo. "What are you going to do?"
A smile spread across Rick's face. "You'll see when Ron gets here." As if on Que, (And knowing Ron it probably was) Ron appeared under the table, Rick continued, "and now, today's experiment; were going to test what happens when Mac & Cheese is mixed with ten packs of explosives." Lila didn't even have any time to think WHAT? Before cheese splattered everywhere and the lunch lady screamed.

Long story cut extremely short. Rick, Ron, and Lila were all in detention for two months.

The trio were walking from their dorms to the Principal's office, it was 7:54.

"Thanks Rick, for getting us into detention." Lila said, "What are we going to do?
were not escape artists like you are." Rick looked annoyed, "Listen; I found something interesting. That's why I wanted to go to detention. To make it easier it get in to the Principal's files." Lila was about to say something when a familiar voice echoed through the hall. "Ron! Lila! Rick, Wait up!" Holly Lane ran up to them and smiled.

"What are you doing?" Rick asked.
"I'm in detention, too." Everyone looked at her like she was crazy "I put Jell-O in Ashley Gardner's locker." Everyone nodded. Holly was nice to everyone; except Ashley Gardner. Everyone is pretty sure it has something to do with a accident with toilet water three years earlier. "So. You guys were the ones who set off the TNT in the cafeteria?"

Ron and Lila both pointed at Rick. Holly High fived him. "Awesome! did you see Ashley get covered in cheese? She when she went to change she opened her locker to find everything encased in Jell-o." A smile spread across her face, "So Lila; If you and Ron didn't help why are you in detention?"

Ron smiled, "We were at the scene of the crime."