In the Eyes of a Little Child

by Dandy352

Children are amazing gifts from God. They live life like they have all the energy in the world. They'll want to play until sunset, sometimes till midnight. Adults would stop them of course. But let's give children the credit. In this world, they are the ones who are courageous enough to live life to the fullest.

Children are the ones with the least regret. You don't often see them sulking in a corner, thinking, "I should have done this instead of that." When they did something wrong, one encouragement from an adult is enough to make them say sorry. And you don't need to look hard to see the sad puppy eyes that admit the wrong that was done. One reminder and they'll say thank you to anyone who have benefited them with something. And you get the bonus of a toothy smile.

Children also give the most meaningful gifts. You know when they give you a card or a drawing they want you to keep it from the bottom of their hearts. They're sincere, like that. And you're sure it's their effort that was spent for your gift because of the misspelled words or names and the unique drawing style.

Children are also the ones with the most beautiful dreams. It's not because they know enough to know what's best, but because they believe enough to dream the impossible, even if it's a prince in a unicorn to come rescue them. At least I know little girls dream of that. Once they set their minds on something, they'll definitely move a step closer to get what they want. If they want a specific Barbie doll, they'll tell you. They won't pretend and tell you they want something else instead.

Children are most honest with their emotions. Adults have more tendencies to cover up and put up a fa├žade. But children don't know how to fake, at least the innocent little ones. They'll cry when hurt. They'll give a tantrum when upset. They'll smile and giggle and laugh when they're happy. And when they're mad, they tend to do actions to show them like pinching you or shouting. At least you know they're mad and can deal with it face on. Children are themselves wherever they are. Adults can be two faced, sometimes multiple faced even. But children are genuine.

How nice will it be if adults will have the heart of a child? If adults can face the world like little children do, perhaps we'll see smiling faces more often, perhaps hurts won't last as long because forgiveness is easily given. If adults can dream and believe like little children do, I believe the world will be a better place. Adults definitely know more than little children. But little children know more of how to use the little they know to make the world a happier place.

Adults often search for happiness. Reality is one can search all over the world to find it. But if you would just stop to look at how a little child lives, perhaps your search will be over.

A child and an adult were locked in separate rooms each with a jar of cookies inside. The little child will probably eat as much as he wants. The adult will probably eat some, worry about cholesterol and stop eating. The little child might then explore the place and if he's lucky, find the little key that's in camouflage with the floor. The child may or may not know how to use it, but his curiosity has a great chance of getting him out of the room. The adult might possibly be found in a corner, sitting, and waiting, pissed of how his time is wasted. The wasted time for the adult, to a little child was an exploration and a new discovery.