Hide and Seek


Here am I, in plain view

Why do you just stand there?

You don't even look.

I am not hiding.

She hides, though.

Innately, she is shy

And you attempt to help break her

Out of the shell

In which she so comfortably nestles

And from which she will not come out.

You like the challenge of hide-and-seek, I see.

So though I stand here before you

In my bare flesh

Pure and perfect and whole

And though I am willing to give it all,

You seek a different seduction.

She bites her shy teeth into your juicy flesh

Into your neck, they sink sweetly.

You allow the apple blood to trickle down,

Tickling your back and her tongue,

A sign of your submission to her.

Her, the shy temptress

Who took you for her own.

Her, the sweet seduction

To which you became a victim.

-ELT (date unknown)


A/N: I have no idea when I wrote this or even what it's about - I must've been sixteen or seventeen. If you have any idea what it's about, contact me because clearly you're the missing piece of my brain and I want you back. :(