Written in 2007. Only decent poem I produced during that period, I believe. Possibly in November.

The black sea
Greets me
With its warnings of death
Before I know it, my life will be
A victim of theft
I was scared of the sea
For many, many years
So much, hearing about it
Left me in tears
There's something about that sea
That makes me want to journey
Beyond the shore
Many have left rumors of riches, beauty, possibly more
I want to live a life of contentness
And not knowing what is beyond
Made me take this head on
So I made my own boat
It seemed so fragile
Discovery I wrote
In the name of my inner child
I took it out to bay
Rowed forth into the darkness
When I will come back to see the sun's rays
And hear the songs of the lark
No one shall know
But hark, I shall return
And I will you love you as always
As if it was written into stone