It was in grade three
when I first saw you.
You were innocent as could be,
without a friend to look to
and at the mercy of that bully.

I remember when we met.
I was alone but there you were,
you drove him off and got him wet.
To me you were like a knight, a kind sir.

From then on, you were my friend
and I was there for you.
From morning until day's end,
month after month, all the year through.

I knew I could always count on you,
the nice boy who would never let me down.
It would always be us two,
living here in this small town.

But as the years went by,
something happened to us both
on that day he made you cry…

He broke my heart and you were there,
you comforted me and bought me mousse.
It helped after that broken love affair.
Thanks to you, I got over Bruce.

That night as I lay on my bed,
I thought about earlier that day
and couldn't get you out of my head,
and I let my thoughts just run away.

When you called me on the phone
and asked to take me on a ride,
I suddenly wanted you to be my own;
I'd never felt so happy inside.

As we sat on that beach
I loved holding you close,
your skin was the color of peach,
your hair smelt sweet as a rose.

That kiss I'll never forget,
when our lips touched it was heaven
Like a movie on the TV set
that I saw when I was eleven.

When we kissed I was on cloud nine.
Your lips so soft and sweet,
you put a leap in this heart of mine,
and knocked me clean of my feet.

Afterward as you took me back,
the night was silent but so alive.
So much color yet all was black,
I was sad when we finally did arrive.

I guess it was always there,
this love I feel for you.
You always knew how much I care.
And now I know that you do too.

It's true! It's true!
And we both know it's nothing new.
I love you! I love you!
I really, really do!