Written in 2008. Where my writing began to improve. Written possibly in October.

This is a bullshit poem

It is void of meaning

It is void of feeling

It is void of gods

It is void of the people I call hogs

Nothing but bullshit

Spills on this page

You think I was going to be some kind of a


The words I say

Only disintegrate

Never analyzed

Never stay

The local village idiot

That you can't understand

In the end I don't give a shit

Just let me make my band

Playing all the words in my head

Nothing of value is what they sing

God forbid I'm not Kurt Cobain

The words have bled here

They might as well be covered in shit

They will fade and burn

Because there's no wit

I guess I should fucking learn

Before these words are churned

All this is nothing but vomit

Learn that I'm nothing but a regular grommet