Written in 2009. Possibly in September.

The Lady of Autumn lies awaiting

The wind caressing her hair and the leaves

I see her with her auburn hair

Also shaded in ribbons of gold, crimson, ginger

Her lips red as the evening sun

Feels nice as the first time a man tasted honey

When she kisses my neck

Her fingers run across my body

Chilling, but ignites my soul

As I feel her warm breasts near my body

She whispers

Take me into winter, take me into spring, take me into summer

We will be together until it's autumn again

This feeling shall linger into our minds

For many seasons, for many years

Take me into the leaves, for we will be one

We slowly lower to the earth

I let the leaves blanket us as I kiss her slowly

My hands feeling her heavenly breasts

At this moment

Autumn was winter

Winter was spring

Spring was summer

I felt all the time go by from her love

As I drank the dew from her leaves

I felt whole

The skies were gray as stones

That day as cold as freshly fallen snow

My body could only stay warm at the thought

Of that lingering memory