You broke me.
Beyond repair.
And the thing is?
I don't think you care.

You hurt me,
but that's alright.
I can stay awake and cry
one more night.

You left me,
you're just the same.
You're like everyone else,
finding hurting me a game.

Go ahead and pretend like
we were never friends.
Go ahead and pretend like
every friendship ends.

You said to not forget you,
and hell, I couldn't.
I'm brave enough to do
what you wouldn't.

I'll kill myself.
Because I'm brave.
I won't let memories
make me their slave.

[by memories, I mean you]

You're nothing but a memory,
a memory I sure as hell regret.
But, oh no, trust me.
You're one memory I won't forget.

With every drip of blood,
I remember why.
It's because of you
I'm going to die.

You hurt me,
but you're not alone there.
The way I've been treated
really isn't fair.

I'll remember your words,
and then I'll make a line.
I'll remember your words,
the way I would say I'm fine.

Every painful moment I'm awake,
I'll remember you.
You, the memory I regret,
the memory I can't undo.

So rest assured.
Your memory lives on.
The memory of you, of hurt,
will never be gone.

Even after I die,
it will still be there.
The memory [of you]
covers me everywhere.

My tombstone will say:
Here lies Mariah, the whore.
She's the bitch who begged
for her brother to give her more.

The Memory will say:
Here lies the cutter.
May she rest in pieces.

Now tell me one more time.

Is this really what you wanted?