If I died

Would you promise

To tell no one

How much I really suffered?

These nails that sank into my brain

Made it bleed

And the world was so blurry

I really couldn't see

I cannot make any letters

I cannot even cry

I can only say my final words

That I regretted all too much

This bird

That sang this all too sorrowful song

Realized no one wanted to hear her

And she must go on

And this record can't spin anymore

It will end now

And the needle will stop

And my song will stop

In a final



That you will only think

Was my scream



I remember this piano

I remembered it

Since I was 9

The songs you will play

And my mother would dance

Her body would contort and sway

Like a tree in a windy autumn day

You played so many melodies

That I still remember

And smiled when I hummed them

Since I was 9

I see its many threads

Ready to belt out their voice

Press on their keys

And if they liked the dance of your fingers

They would act like a chorus

And belt out a harmony

I still feel the beauty

Of the tones translated as letters

I still feel

Of the memories of you playing this piano

Since I was 9

And maybe one day

I would play this piano as well as you

As if it were mine

And the tunes would carry on melodiously

Through our family

As if it I was a knitter with needle and twine