I imagine us

Far away

From the city and streetlights

A place where we can recollect our thoughts

On what's wrong and right

I smoke

As I wait for you

The tendrils of wispy white

Surrounding the lamplight

I am shivering


But I say it's alright

Because I won't be alone

You come up to me

With a kiss

Even if my lips

Are stained with tar and arsenic

But you're so excited to come

To the place we called our own

To the world

Where the song of old kingdoms

The air is filled with those hums

It's not a place

By the lake

It's not a place

By the sea

But it's a pitch black cave

For you and me

I try to think

In this darkness

That even if I couldn't see

Your presence

Was enough

To place my heart in safety

You used one of my matches

And lit up the dark

And I saw the crystallizations

On the wall

And you called it

The God's Royal Mark

And I actually say to you

What if in this cave

We became kings and queens

For a day?

And we have a castle

Up in the sky

To show our love

Can even ignite the stars of night

And you said

It was something I always hoped for

Since we were nine

Remember even if we were girls

We would hold hands and say

Let our fingers curl

Into our hearts

And let us never

Be apart?

And I said we can have that

We can have everything

And even if my lips

Were filled with tar and arsenic

I kissed you in your delicious lips

And we sat

In our crystal cave

Remembering of the love

That both our hearts gave