I am the almighty God's shithole

As his shit becomes my strength

I know no rhyme or reason

Many people's words fall off their bones

As they say to me

You're deranged

I am the Mad Hatter with my mercury-rimmed hat

Do not despair, as I don't have a rat

I went down the rabbit hole long ago

My head in flight, speaking tribulations

The Queen of Hearts might as well off my head

And show it to everyone at her throne

I am the snake that ruined humankind

My eyes pierced through Eve's naïve mind

As her lips tasted the apple

I knew that revenge was mine

My body has no limbs, I only crawl

My fangs will inject venom in your heart

And evil will be written on your brain's walls

I am flying, up so high

Only God knows that I'm here on Cloud Nine

I crawled from Hell and gained my wings

But only for a short while darling

I will fall as soon as the sinners

Nothing but sorrows and debauchery they will sing

And I'm in Satan's hands again

And no longer will my madness reign