The black shadows

Are now gray


Of my death

There might as well be

Ice on my fingers

There might as well be

Worms crawling through my brain

Because the madness is gone

And I feel

As dead as one could be

Look at the gray shadows

Look at the sunken face I now hold

Look at the expressionless eyes

And tell me

If I'm still alive

I'm not here

Nor there

The pills

Have made me smaller

And I cannot see the world

In its vivacity

Colors have dulled

To only gray and black

And I wonder why

I even took the bottle

Off the rack

The blood running through me

Is stone cold and its color disappeared

The rivers are dammed up

My heart can't beat

It's worse than I fear

To not feel all the colors

Of the world

They have melted into


And I think

That I might as well be


Under the earth

Where all these dead colors