Still on this computer

Still writing

Still drinking this lukewarm tea

At 4 am

Still thinking of lukewarm thoughts

Still watching the early silky blue morning

Still thinking of days long past

At 4 am

The crickets chirp

Singing their forlorn song

Struggling to know what goes next

In this intricate piece of puzzle

That is my rough draft

Full of errors and broken sentences

At 4 am

My eyelids feel heavy

The tea is getting colder

Things are losing their substance

Their tangible sense

And my brain is foggy

As the grass is wet with dew outside

At 5 am

I see the sun approaching

No, it can't come here just yet!

My tea is cold now, I can't drink this!

This chapter of this manuscript isn't finished!

But you can't fight it

Even if your fists are the strongest

In the world

Because the sun will come

And it's golden and the sky turns red like an open wound

At 6 am

I attempt to finish the tea

The manuscript shall remain unfinished, untouched for hours

As it's time for bed

The sun blankets me

And I dream

Of another day laid to waste

At 6 am

And I will wait

Yet another

4 am