Pikagirl12: Hey guys! I'm pikagirl12! Some of you might know me for my account, but I also like writing mystery stories!I know my grammar's a bit off since I'm from the Philippines, so don't give me flames about my grammar!


Diana's POV:

Hi there! I'm Diana Mason! Today, I'm going to study at Kingston International High School! And I'll be moving in the dorm there tonight. Of course, I'll visit my parents and little sister, Nella, but I'll be staying there for the rest of my four years at Kingston. From what I've heard, Kingston High is shrouded in mysteries and tragedy! I can't wait to get my hands on some hard to crack mysteries! For your information, I'm quite the detective! I used to solve mysteries at my old school. When I grow up, I wanna be a great detective! Right now, I'm in my room getting ready for school.

"Diana! Remember I'll only take you to school today and You'll be walking to the school one you move in in the dorm! And you'll come home later to pack your things! You roommates will be two girls named Stella Thornton and Marianne Gonzalez!" my mother called from downstairs.

"Yeah, I know! You told me last night!" I said while putting on my uniform. It was a plain white, long-sleeved polo shirt with a dark green necktie, a dark green coat with a pocket with the schools emblem to go above it and a dark green skirt. I pull up my knee-length white socks and put on my dark brown school shoes. I tie my long, curly, brawn hair into a high ponytail. I grab my brown and pink backpack and rush down the stairs. I grab a piece of toast and go outside the door where my mom is waiting for me.

"Do you have everything you need?" she asks me.

"Yeah, I have all my books, notebooks and pencils and pens!" I reply.

"Get in the car then! You'll be late!"

I open the car's door and pull my seat belt on. After an hour, we reach the school's driveway. My mom drops me off by the gate.

"I'll pick you up later, honey!"

"Yeah! See you mom!" and with that, she drives away.

In the hall way, I met two girls. One was Stella Thornton, a girl with blue eyes and blonde hair tied up in a bun, and Marianne Gonzalez, a girl with purple eyes and light brown hair held back by a purple headband. I suddenly remember that they're my roommates for the dorm. They showed me my locker and which classrooms to go to for a certain subject. I open my locker and get my schedule and my homeroom classroom number.

"Oh look! We all have the same homeroom!" Stella points out.

"We also happen to have the same homeroom number as Robbie, Neo, Lorenzo and Conner! AGAIN!" Marianne and Stella shrugs.

"What's so bad about them?" I say.

" They're show-off detectives! Hah! I'd like to see them crack a case!" Stella exclaims.

"So, they call themselves detectives, yet they haven't solved a SINGLE case?"

The two of them nod.

"I could beat them! I've solved a lot of cases in my old school!" I said.

"Really?!" they both say in astonishment. And I proudly nod.

"Oh! And I'll be your roommate in the dorm!"


"Hey, guys! Not to rain on your parade, but we're gonna be late for homeroom!" Marianne says.

"Oh my gosh you're right! See ya later Diana!" and with that the two rush off.

I walk to my classroom and I see a boy. He had tanned skin, black hair, gray eyes and glasses. A new student I suppose. I run to him to say hello.

"So you're new here?" I ask him.

"Yeah. You?"


We just stand there in silence until the teacher tells us to come in.

"Introduce yourselves." she had a calm voice. She was maybe in her thirties and had long brown hair and eyes and a tall height. I'm guessing she was one of the student's favorites by how the kids around me are chattering quietly while she didn't mind it, unlike my old, strict teachers at my old school.

"I'm Diana Mason! Nice to meet you all!" I say.

"My name's Ethan Miller"

"Diana, please sit next to Miss Gonzalez. Ethan, sit next to Diana." we nod and we both take our seats. After a calm day of school, our class is finally dismissed. Marianne and Stella walk up to me and say they're gonna prepare my bed and cabinet to place my things and stuff in the dorm. They say that the dorm room is rather spacious so they don't mind adding another cabinet and bed. I thank them and they were finally happy to have another person to talk to. My mom picks me up at around 5:00 pm and helps me prepare all my things and clothes for the dorm. When I'm about to leave, I see Nella crying and running torwards me I take her in my arms and she wraps her arms around my neck like she did when she was only a baby.

"Don't go sis! I'll miss you so much!" she says, tears still running down her cheeks.

"Don't worry Nella! I'll be back on weekends and vacations, okay?"

"Pinky swear?" she holds up her pinky and I clasp it around mine.

"Pinky swear." I smile to her.

She gives me a tight hug and my mom pulls her away from me. She still continues crying as my dad drives away from home and to the school's dorm. He hugs me and tells me to be careful. I said I'll be alright because I got his detective skills. You see, my dad's a detective in this town. He helps me carry my things to my room. Wow, the room really IS spacious! Marianne and Stella are already there helping with my bags. My dad hugs me for one more time and leaves, closing the door behind him. Me, Marianne and Stella fix my things into drawers and my cabinet. When we were finally done, I go to the bathroom to freshen up before I go to bed. My eyes widen at the bathroom. You could compare it to the ones you find in hotels. No wonder this is a prestigious school! After I've taken a shower, change into my pajamas and brush my teeth, I slip under the covers of my bed. Wow, the beds here are pretty soft I lie on my stomach and bring out my laptop. Until I see around 7 friend request on my facebook profile. They were from of course, Marianne and Stella, the boy from earlier, Ethan, and the four so-called "Detectives", Conner, Lorenzo, Neo and Robbie. I accept all the requests, and I get in a group called "Kingston High Freshmen". When I check the group, I saw a certain post made by a person named Carl Johnsons. It said :

"Woooohhhhhoooooo! It feels goooood to have SExthis weeeeeek!1"

It had more than 50 comments, but it was posted only 2 hours ago. I check my laptop's clock. It's already 9:37. I'll just go and sleep now. I'll figure things out tomorrow. I shut down my laptop and shove it under my bed. I lie down and I fall asleep once my head hits the pillow.