Hi guys! Pikagirl12 here! I'd like to thank VirtualWorldNine for making my story one of your favorites and AoideMythos for my first review! Sorry I didn't update so fast! I had measles and a lot of stuff was going on in our school! Anyway, to the story!

Diana's POV:

I wake up the next morning thanks to my alarm clock. I force my eyes to open, which is nearly impossible due to the soft bed I'm sleeping on, and the fact that I'm not an early riser. I can see the clock on my side table. 4:27 A.M. I sigh with relief. I could sleep a few hours more. I close my eyes again. The second time I hear my alarm, it's already 7:03. I push the sheets away from my body and lazily head to the bathroom with my uniform and toothbrush. After I take a shower, put on my uniform and brush my teeth, I see Stella and Marianne still sleeping.

"When will these two wake up? School starts at 7:30!" I say to myself. At that moment Marianne wakes up and asks me what it is.

"It's already 7:14. Better wake up Stella and head to the campus."

"Oh shit! I overslept! Stella! Wake up! We're gonna be late!" Marianne exclaims. Stella headed to her closet to grab her uniform. At that time, Marianne was already brushing her teeth. After Stella finishes up in the bathroom, I grab a strawberry pop tart and rush out. By the time we reach the classroom, we were panting and gasping for air. We made it in five minutes before the bell rings. We run to our seats. After the bell rings, Ethan and Neo come in. Oh! I forgot to mention in the last chapter that our homeroom teacher's name is Mrs. Orhyza. (PikaG12: 4th wall breaker!) Time slowly passed by, and finally, it's already lunch.

"Hey Diana! Over here!" Stella yelled.

I looked around and saw Ethan, Conner, Paul, Neo, Stella and Marianne sitting together in one table together. We had gotten to know each other during recess. We were supposed to consider on what club we're going to join this year. Coincidentally, we were all going to join the Mystery Club. I figure the four detective boys would join, so would Stella and Marianne, but I had no idea with Ethan. Soon after recess, we all became fast friends. Club time was on Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays. Today was Tuesday, but we still have to get to know our club moderator. I take some spaghetti and a soda and pay the lunch lady. I head to our table and sit next to Marianne.

"So, what should be our first mystery we're supposed to solve once we're in the club?" Ethan asks.

"I heard there's a hacker that hacks people from school." Neo states.

Neo had dark hair and green eyes. He was about an inch shorter than me. Well, that was unexpected.

"I heard he hacked Carl Johnsons. You know, that guy in our class? Boyfriend of Elisa Carlton?"

Paul says. He had dark blue eyes and shaggy brown hair. He was a bit shorter than Neo. Are most of the boys here shorter than me?

"Yeah, I knew something fishy was going on! He'd never say shit like that." Conner says.

He has brown hair and gray eyes. Come to think of it, Carl WOULD never say that. I met him yesterday, and he seems like a pretty cool guy. Car was a guy who has good grades and likes sports. He has caramel brow hair and blue eyes.

"Knowing Carl, because I dated him once, he would never ever, in the world say something so stupid with incorrect grammar!" Stella exclaims.

Wow, a grammar maniac. Oh well, she is a pretty cool girl.

"Yeah, someone's probably trying to ruin his reputation! Pretty reasonable since he's popular." Marianne adds.

I slam my hand on the table. I'm getting pumped! Finally! A mystery to solve! Everyone in the table turns to me.

"Great! Seems like we have a mystery on our hands! We gotta find our hacker!" I grin.

"But, what if the hacker is outside our school?! Anyone can be a suspect!" Ethan exclaims.

"You guys know who held a grudge against Carl, am I right?"

They exchange a few looks and they eventually nod.

"We can all agree on one person." Marianne says.

Suddenly the bell rang, signifying the end of lunch.

"Let's all discuss this during club time." I announce.

"Right!" they all exclaim.

Classes seem to drag by. I already can't wait for club time! We had a pop quiz during social studies, our last subject before club. Once I finish my test, I can't help but think about the hacker. Who could it be, and why? The bell rings. I submit my paper and sign up for Mystery Club. The message on the upper part of the sign up sheet said:

"Meet me in the corridor near the shelf with the school's trophies."
-Ms. Orhyza

I guess she's the club moderator. I head to the corridor with the shelf of the school's trophies. There was a lot of them. Like, 20 of them. Most of them are sports and academic trophies, but the one that caught my eye was the Most Mysterious School Award. I can see the others and Ms. Orhyza headed here. Looks like I was the earliest to arrive.

"Why were we supposed to wait here, Ms. Orhyza?" Ethan asked.

"I'll show you a secret in this school. After I discovered it, I decided to form the Mystery Club." Ms. Orhyza replies.

She stepped closer to the trophy case and bent the magnifying glass of the Most Mysterious School Award. The case moved aside and a staircase leading downstairs was revealed. All of our jaws dropped. Even the boys.

"Oh. My. God." I say plainly.

Once we all went downstairs, the shelf goes back to it's original place.

"How are we gonna get back?" Marianne asks.

"There's a lever near the entrance." she replies.

This. Is. Awesome. Our base was like the CSI laboratory! Finger print scanners, weapons, DNA scanners and all that shit! They even had a fridge with food! Ms. Orhyza must have placed it there. But the one that really caught my eye was the computer with a specific color. They had all of our favorite colors. Heck, they even HAD our names!

Light Pink: Diana
Sky Blue: Stella
Lavender: Marianne
Light Green: Ethan
Dark Blue: Paul
Gray: Neo
Orange: Conner

It's like this was place was MADE for us. We all gather at the table in the middle of the room. We were completely entranced by this. I had no idea this place ever existed.

"When did you discover this, this place? I-It's a-awesome!" Neo stutters.

"I overheard you kids talking about the hacker earlier, am I correct?"

We all nod.

"And you have at least one suspect, right?"

We nod again. Wow, she must have really listened carefully. She smirks.

"Welcome to the Mystery Club! You guys can call me Ms. Riza!" she says as she sat down.

"So, Ms. Orhyz- I mean Ms. Riza, about the sus-" I start but she cuts me off.

"Suspect? I have one. I cannot bear to see my students suffer a bad reputaion." Ms. Riza

"So, shall we discuss things? Clues suspects?" I say.

"Our suspect is Garett. Garret Lee." Neo says.